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100Ah Platinum AGM Low Box Exchange near Jimmy’s Farm TV Presenter

100Ah Platinum AGM Low Box

100Ah Platinum AGM Low Box

So this exchange of batteries came about in our quest to satisfy customers with faulty batteries. Of course, we are able to collect most faulty batteries through our courier system.

However, in this case, things went wrong. because of the area that we cover, which is practically all of mainland Britain! Then there are times when things can go wrong.

This 100-Ah battery had become a suspected faulty battery.

Because the customer was in the Ipswich area, we suggested that they take it to a local garage for testing. This is common practise, and in this case, the battery was tested and found to be faulty.

Because of the quality of their manufacture, warranty batteries are few and far between these days. Some do go bad, mainly because of the complicated chemistry of a lead-acid battery. This battery fell into the latter category and was found faulty.

Strongly worded email! 100Ah Platinum AGM Low Box

The first thing that I heard about the problem was in a strongly worded email. The woman used some harsh words to say that she had gotten the new battery, but the old one still hadn’t been picked up.

Because they lived on a small property, the old battery was getting in the way, to say the least. In this case, we did organise a courier to collect the old battery. However, for some reason, this had not been done. Our customer then called our office, but says she got nothing but a rude answer from a member of our staff.

I do believe this statement, but the problem needs responding to.

My action was swift, and I promised to send one of our own delivery vans to collect the battery. Fortunately, we did have a couple of other new deliveries to the Ipswich area and sorted the collection out.

The old 100 Ah Platinum AGM Low Box battery was collected from the customer’s porch and left there because they were at work all day. I suspect that this could be the reason for the courier company’s failure to collect the battery in the first place.

I myself have turned up at a property with a delivery only to find out that the customers are not there for some reason. If there are no instructions, then it is a difficult decision to make. In the past, I remember one delivery that I made to a motorhome owner in Scotland. The motorhome was in the driveway, but no one answered the door.

However, the property looked respectable. 100Ah Platinum AGM Low Box

and so I made the decision to leave the £400 worth of motorhome batteries under the motorhome. Of course, a few days later, we received a call asking when the new batteries would be delivered.

Eventually, it hit home to us that we had been scammed. The customer claimed his money back from eBay and had the batteries as well.

I now know that I should have taken a picture, but this is not 100% proof of delivery.

A happy ending for me was when the customer lived near the famous TV presenter and a guy that I admire, Jimmy Doherty, owner of Jimmy’s Farm. While travelling, I just love to come across interesting things to write about.

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