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34 Ah golf batteries to near Holyhead Golf Course, Anglesey, Wales.

34 Ah golf batteries

34 Ah golf batteries

So the other day, I received an urgent plea from a customer wanting to buy 10 x 34 Ah golf cart batteries. Apparently, stocks were low in the local area. The golfer managed to team up with a couple of golf pals, and a sort of bulk order was placed for us online.

Because of the shipping crisis around the world, like other commodities, batteries are rising in price. In fact, we have another 10% increase coming at the beginning of July. Most batteries are now made in China and South Korea. Shipping costs have quadrupled since the pandemic, and these costs have to be met by the end consumer.

34 Ah golf batteries are, of course, no exception. The prices of these golf batteries are rising at a fast rate. Subsequently, so are all other battery types, with no exceptions.

golfers need battery power
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Delivered in our own van

All right, gentlemen and ladies, pay attention!

I was wondering if you were familiar with the North Wales motorway.

It took a while, but it’s finally finished, and let me tell you, this is going to change the way we do business in the battery industry. Why, if I may ask? Continue reading!

What exactly is the big deal here?

Fresh paving. More expedient shipping. That is a very significant point. Because of this slick motorway, we are able to transport our batteries to the coast of North Wales and Anglesey in a time that is shorter than the time it takes to say ‘Bob’s your uncle’.

Motorway = Less Stress in Life

The days of delivery trucks moving at a snail’s pace are long gone. The newly constructed motorway makes life much simpler. Our drivers and our customers couldn’t be happier about the weather.

Why should I visit Anglesey and North Wales?

Look, we all know that North Wales and Anglesey aren’t just great places to go on vacation. They are experiencing a boom in the number of homes and businesses that require high-quality batteries. And now we are in a position to serve them even more effectively.

A Brief Education in History

Let’s reminisce about the good old days for a moment, shall we? Roads have a long history in the United Kingdom. The Romans laid the foundation, and ever since then, we have continued to build upon it. This is merely the most recent chapter in the story.

Tailored Just for You

If you found this page by searching for “fast battery delivery to Anglesey,” “North Wales Expressway benefits,” or “Battery delivery North Wales,” we would like to extend a warm welcome to you. You have arrived at the correct location.

This motorway is not just a piece of asphalt; rather, it is a gateway to better service and faster deliveries for all of our wonderful customers in North Wales and Anglesey.

To summarise, this motorway is not just a slab of asphalt. Come on by if you’re in Halifax, and we’ll have a chat about how this affects you and how it might affect others. Cheers!

Oh, that’s a good shout! Let’s give this a little more meat on the bone by providing some specifics, shall we?

When and by whom was it done?

There is some history associated with the North Wales Motorway, which is also referred to as the A55. Various segments were constructed at various times, but the segment that has all of us buzzing about it is the recent update that was made to make travel as smooth as possible. The Welsh Government oversaw the project, and a variety of contractors were involved to guarantee its accuracy.

What exactly is the significance of this?

Because of this most recent update, it is almost as if the most prominent people in the construction industry collaborated to provide us with a dependable path. By doing this, you can be sure that the road you receive will be of the highest caliber. And as people who are in the business of delivering batteries to customers, we know that a good road is worth its weight in gold—or in this case, batteries.

A dash of when it happened and who was involved is all that’s needed to round out the narrative. You now understand why this motorway is such a big deal for both us and our customers, regardless of whether you are in North Wales, Anglesey, or simply passing through Halifax. If you’re curious about anything else, feel free to drop by for a conversation.

Welsh Holy Island,

On the other hand, appeared to be a worthwhile destination. So, I loaded my small Transit Connect van and headed for North Wales.

The day was very sunny, with clear blue skies. Wales is a beautiful place to visit, and I headed off to Holyhead via the A55, known as the “North Wales Expressway.” So, this duel carriageway connects all the North Wales seaside resorts and ends in Anglesey.

This road is a pleasure to drive on.

There are even some tunnels cutting through where the mountains meet the sea. Because the day was outstandingly sunny, I likened it to driving in the south of France. The sea was even a lovely blue-green colour and looked stunning.

Eventually, we came to the crossing into Anglesey over the “Menai Bridge”.

I eventually found my way to a small cottage, where the golfer was waiting for me.

This day was to be another great day out in my life, and I would recommend anyone visit the Anglesey area. The expressway makes it an easy drive to a great tourist area.

The 34 Ah golf batteries were, of course, delivered safely, and I made my way back home to Yorkshire and the traffic jams in Manchester.

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