Damaco ELECTRO-LITE Mobility Battery x 2 Lucas

34 Ah Lucas Mobility batteries: delivered to Historic Market Town-Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire, UK

34 Ah Lucas Mobility batteries delivered

34 Ah Lucas Mobility batteries delivered

Another memorable delivery day took me to a customer in the historic market town of Whittlesey. One of the most beautiful rural counties in England and the United Kingdom Admittedly, on approaching the town, it looked nothing special. passing the massive brick manufacturing company, “Forterra”. So, it was previously known as “The London Brick Company.”

This day was also going to be a special day regarding the weather! The 25th of July 2019 was expected to be the hottest July day on record in the United Kingdom. So the sweltering sun shone down as I found the lovely little bungalow belonging to my customer. Unfortunately, the lady had nipped out to the shops. Fortunately, she had the foresight to leave a note on the door. Clearly, she left a mobile phone number, “which I promptly rang.” So, the shops were close by, and she promptly returned on her mobility scooter.

34 Ah Lucas Mobility batteries delivered
34 Ah Lucas Mobility batteries delivered

Chat about “Bronze Age Find”

After receiving her 2 x 34 Ah Lucas AGM Mobility batteries, I had my usual little chat about the place where she lived. Enthusiastically, the lady began describing a significant historical find!

Significantly, archaeologists discovered an extremely well-preserved Bronze Age dwelling.

In the heart of the Must Farm quarry, archaeologists made a remarkable discovery. As they carefully dug through layers of earth, they uncovered the remains of a Bronze Age dwelling.

The dwelling was built on stilts, and the archaeologists could see that it had once been a vibrant and bustling place. The walls were adorned with intricate carvings, and the floors were made of polished wood.

As they continued to excavate, the archaeologists found evidence of the daily lives of the people who had lived in the dwelling. They discovered tools made of bronze and iron, as well as pottery and other household objects.

But perhaps the most interesting discovery was a collection of bronze figurines depicting a range of animals and people. These figurines provided a glimpse into the beliefs and cultural practises of Bronze Age dwellers.

As the archaeologists carefully documented their findings, they couldn’t help but wonder about the stories of the people who had once called this dwelling home. Who were they? How did they live? And what secrets did the dwelling hold about the Bronze Age?

Despite the many questions that remained

One thing was certain: the discovery of the Bronze Age dwelling was a truly remarkable find, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of people from a distant time.

Accordingly, during excavations at Must Farm quarry, Whittlesey was the very town that I was visiting! Of course, this has been a great part of my life and has been extremely educational. Delivering batteries has opened my eyes to how beautiful and historic our wonderful Great Britain really is!

It’s difficult to believe how far back our ancestors lived after reading about this discovery. Hence, this discovery unearthed the dwelling of a settlement from the “Bronze Age,” 1200-800 BC! Over 3000 years ago, people were living here in the “Fen-land“. Incredibly, the dwellings were built on stilts over a body of water.

As a result, it is believed that several families lived in the homes. Because of the charred timbers, it is thought that the building collapsed due to a fire.

As a result of this charring, the wooden timbers were eventually buried deep underground over time. Consequently, many other household items were well preserved. including bowls and jars that still contained meals! How cool is that?”

Finally, I am sure that my customer will now be flying about on her mobility scooter, fitted with her new 34 Ah Lucas Mobility batteries.

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