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6 Battery Failure Reasons- Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

6 Battery Failure Reasons

6 Battery Failure Reasons
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6 Battery Failure Reasons

There are few things worse for a car owner than a dead battery. If your car battery keeps dying, you may be wondering, “Why does my car battery keep dying?” If you have an RV or motorhome, you can resort to an RV generator, but what can you do with a car?

If you keep running into situations where your car battery is dead, it may be time to look at the reasons why it keeps happening. There are more than a few reasons why this may be happening. These are the most common

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

Before we get going, you should know one thing: how long does a car battery last? How long should a car battery last? It is also important to know “how many volts is a car battery?” Start here first and foremost.

A battery should last anywhere from 3–5 years. If yours keeps dying, get a car battery tester or car battery connector. Test your connection. As long as it keeps running, there really is no shelf life. Yours may go beyond the 3-5 year period. Just test out the connection whenever you think that there may be an issue. It will at least verify whether or not there is an issue.

Reasons Why My Car Battery Keeps Dying

There will be signs that your car’s battery is dying. When it comes to a car battery dying, it is rarely a situation where it just stops working. Usually, with proper maintenance, you can stave off the issues for a long time.

That said, you should be aware of the most consistent reasons for a dead battery. Various reasons can give you the knowledge and information that you need to make the appropriate fix and get your car back on the road where it belongs.

1. Parasitic Draw

Start with a parasitic draw test specification. Your electrical system could be taking power from the battery, which is called parasitic battery drain. With a possible parasitic drain, you need to run a parasitic draw test. There is an acceptable parasitic draw, but too much could leave your battery struggling frequently.

2. Left the Light on

The most common reason is that the headlights or dome lights have been left on. It is part of the reason for the switch to automatic headlights. When you see that your battery light is on, it is likely due to this reason. Try not to leave the light on. Leaving headlights or a brake light on can drain the battery, making it impossible to start.

3. Car Battery Corrosion

Clean battery terminals are important as well. Corrosion on a car battery can keep your battery from working properly, too. Learn how to clean car battery corrosion, as cleaning car battery corrosion can do the trick. You might also have bad battery terminal connectors due to corrosion. “What does corrosion on a car battery mean?” as you get started to better understand what it is you are contending with.

Try to regularly clean your car battery, too. Corrosion takes time to build up, but it can have a major impact on the performance of your battery. Don’t give it that opportunity.

4. Bad Climate Conditions

Though your battery can stand up to a lot, the outside temperature may be too much for it to bear. It has a certain holding temperature, which is why cars may have difficulty starting in the winter. In a hot climate, the battery could become overheated and fail to start.

No matter the conditions, it helps to keep your car protected. Even though it can get hot and cold in the garage, there is enough protection to prevent the weather from draining your battery.

5. Bad Alternator

It could also be that you have alternator problems. In that instance, you would need an alternator tester and alternator repair. If your alternator is not charging, then you will potentially hear that bad alternator sound. Check the alternator wiring and alternator pulley as well.

You may run into an instance where the battery light is on but the alternator is charging. Your car alternator may need testing or charging.

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6. Battery Maintenance-6 Battery Failure Reasons

Improper maintenance can cause damage to your battery, resulting in a weak battery. Testing a car battery every once in a while gives you an idea of how its charge is doing. Preventative maintenance and a service battery charging system go a long way.

Charging a car battery is relatively easy, too. With the right maintenance, you can keep your battery from running into issues down the line. That just means your odds of having it die on the side of the road are much lower than they would otherwise be. And when you don’t have to contend with a faulty battery, you can focus on the other important things in life.

How to Recharge a Dead Car Battery

So, you have a dead car battery. With an RV, you can use an RV generator. Or you can learn how to charge an RV battery with a generator. In any event, you need to learn how to change a car battery when it dies.

Changing the car battery is the quickest step to resolving the issue. You can also attempt to use a solar battery charger or a similar device. Just know what the best car battery charger is before making your choice. If that doesn’t work, you can simply swap the old one out with a new one.

Conclusion-6 Battery Failure Reasons

Your car battery plays a vital role in the operation of your vehicle. Don’t let it deteriorate, succumb to corrosion, or lack proper maintenance. All of those things can make it so that your car won’t start, leaving you without the proper transportation that you need to live your life.

Give your battery a test. Clean it once in a while. That is really all it takes to keep your battery healthy and operational.

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