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622 Lucas Horse-Box batteries-To Scotland

622 Lucas Horse-Box batteries

622 Lucas Horse-Box batteries

Lucas 622 batteries are a popular choice for large horse boxes due to their high power output and long service life. These batteries are designed to provide reliable and consistent power to the various electrical systems in horse boxes, including lights, fans, and ventilation systems.

One of the key features of Lucas 622 batteries is their high power output.

These batteries are able to deliver large amounts of power quickly, which is essential for starting large horsebox engines. They also have a large reserve capacity, which ensures that they can continue to provide power to the electrical systems even when the engine is not running.

Another important advantage of the 622 Lucas Horse-Box batteries is their long service life. These batteries are designed to last for many years, even in demanding conditions. They are able to withstand the vibration and shock that are common in horse boxes, and they are resistant to damage from overcharging or deep discharging.

Finally, Lucas 622 batteries are also relatively easy to maintain.

They do not require regular topping up with water (except on older batteries), and they can be easily charged using a standard battery charger.

In conclusion, 622 Lucas Horse-Box batteries are a great choice for large horse boxes due to their high power output, long service life, and easy maintenance. They provide reliable and consistent power to the various electrical systems in horse boxes, and they are able to withstand the demanding conditions of horse box use.

622 Lucas Horse-Box batteries

So, by chance, my most recent delivery run to Scotland was for all “horse box batteries.” Primarily, it comprises two part numbers. As a result, the 622 Lucas Horse-Box batteries and the 629 Numax Truck batteries were developed. As usual, I got an early start! 4.30 a.m., to be precise. British motorways are packed out during the day, and so an early start ensures that I can do my deliveries, arriving home at a decent time.

Importantly, I arrived back home in Yorkshire so that I could have my dinner with the rest of the family. Early mornings suit me anyway. As far back as I can remember, I have always been an early riser. So, when I have a long delivery run, I retire to bed at about 8.30 pm in order to get my seven and eight-hour sleep in.

622 Lucas Horse-Box batteries

Irn-Bru Factory nearby-622 Lucas Horse-Box batteries

So, my run northward towards Scotland was straight. Of course, the weather was a bit chilly and showery, but everything went well. So, my first delivery was to a small village in “East Dunbartonshire”! Consequently, it is a small holding. Sometimes, these addresses in rural areas can be difficult to find. This was to be no exception. My customer lived on a small holding, which was proving difficult to find. Unhelpfully, the Sat-Nav dropped me in the middle of nowhere. As usual, we take the customer’s phone number. So a quick call put me in the right direction.

On the route to this small holding, I happened to pass the huge factory that made the famous “Irn-Bru” soft drink. Irn-Bru is synonymous with the Scots, just like whisky! I always think these little things that I see on my journeys are very interesting, and I often bring them up in later conversations as well as blog about them.

But enough of that! So, I called my customer,

who gave me directions to his small holding. On arrival, I had to leave the 622 Lucas Horse-Box batteries on the back step. Subsequently, the guy was not at home, so he gave me permission to put the truck battery out of the way, and I chose the back step. Interestingly, the house had adjoining stables. However, the horses were out at the time. It’s probably being exercised. I could not help noticing some name plates on the stable wall. Cheekily, I took a few pictures of the horses’ names mounted on plaques for this blog.

Of course, these were the names of their horses! I just thought about what lovely names they had and carried on to my next delivery, which was about twenty miles away. Consequently, at another stable, the guy had bought 2 x 629 Numax batteries, also for a horse box.

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