664 numax truck batteries

644 Numax Truck batteries: delivery to Birkenhead Circus

644 Numax Truck batteries

644 Numax Truck batteries
644 Numax Truck batteries

644 Numax Truck batteries

So this delivery was to be my second visit to a UK circus in the past few years. Strangely enough, although the circuses were completely different. So, they both bought the same size 664 Numax truck batteries.

This was to be the last of my daily deliveries, and it took me all along the M62 motorway from near Leeds to Liverpool. This particular circus was known as Circus Zyair. The journey was hectic but smooth, with no major snags.

The M62 is a cross-Pennine motorway that is notorious for its inclement weather. The bad weather often causes holdups, and there can be long delays. Last week, I was stuck for two hours after a bad accident closed the motorway.

However, this day was to be good and without problems. Arriving in Liverpool, I headed for the “Wallasey Tunnel”. This would take me just a few miles from my final destination.

644 numax truck batteries
© Can Stock Photo / Gilles Paire

Arrived in Birkenhead

For some reason, this was the first time that I had used this tunnel. Liverpool has two tunnels going under the River Mersey. Birkenhead tunnel, known as “Kingsway,” and Wallasey tunnel, known as Queensway The toll charge for a car or small van is very reasonable at £2 for the one-way and £2 for the return.

This tunnel brings you out into the Birkenhead area, where my six 644 Numax Truck batteries delivery was to be. The circus was set up inside “Wallasey Park,” and all I had to do was find it. The park is a very large park with roads driving through it. My instructions were that the circus was near the “visitors centre.”

However, on arrival, the huge Victorian-looking iron gates were closed to traffic. Luckily, I had a phone number to call. On calling the circus guy, he gave me a code number to enter. Hopefully, this will let me open the gates and drive to the circus location.

Strangely, I could not see a keypad! However, as luck would have it, a park ranger turned up and asked if he could help. The code was hidden inside an old-fashioned padlock! The guy opened the gate and asked me to follow him to where the circus would be located.

Helped by the “Highwire” artist.

On arrival I was met by young lady who was very helpful. Indeed, she turned out to be the lady who walks across the high wire as a trapeze artist and does tricks up on the wire. Kindly, she explained that the circus was having a day off. So everything was very quiet.

 After a bit of thought, she kindly awoke a couple of strong-looking men, who unloaded the batteries for me and put them somewhere. The 6x 644 Numax Truck batteries were for two huge American-looking trucks parked nearby.

I really enjoyed that trip and was soon home back in Yorkshire, having my dinner with my wife Michelle.

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