644 Numax Truck batteries

656 Truck batteries -To Braco Scotland

656 Truck batteries

656 Truck batteries

So after the dreaded COVID crisis, like millions of other businesses, we are starting the great recovery. Some of our most important customers are in the farming community. However, when things get tight, they tend to hold onto their money.

Making do instead of buying new Fortunately, I have noted a slight trend for the better, and we are now supplying more batteries to the farming community in Great Britain. Of course, this is something that I think is very special! I will personally deliver any large battery orders for their farm machinery.

Last week was no exception. We received a good order of 6 x 656 truck batteries. Of course, these batteries are also suitable for farm machinery as well as commercial vehicle batteries.

Delivery to Braco in Scotland

This delivery was to take me to the small town of Braco, north of Edinburgh, Scotland. So, with a 4.30 am start, I headed north up the M6 to Braco. The most amazing part of my journey was about to begin. Braco is just off the A9, a major Scottish trunk road. I believe the road is the A882!

So on arrival, I soon found the farm,

which was located at the far end of the village, just past the church. The 6 x 656 Truck batteries were duly delivered, and the farmer was kind enough to offer me a nice, warm cup of coffee.

During our short conversation, he told me of a huge Roman fort near the village known as “Ardoch Roman Fort” . So, with only a 5-minute drive away, I decided to take a quick look before returning to England. I could not believe my eyes at the size of the place. In fact, I was so impressed that I have included a great video. I am sure that English tourists know little about this great historic site, and it is well worth the visit.

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