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About Boat Batteries

About Boat Batteries
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Recently, I was curious to find out how many boats are owned here in the British Isles! Staggeringly, then, I Googled that there were 82,000 individual boat owners here in the UK.

Multiply this by at least two boat batteries and you get a huge number of potential boat battery buyers. Of course, this also includes canal boats. Here in the British Isles, we have thousands of miles of canals. It was first built during the “industrial revolution.” transporting goods, including coal, all over the country.

About Boat Batteries-canal renovation for leisure craft

canal boats
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So, the canal’s transport of goods finally came to an end.

Sadly, with the advent of road transport, Goods

These days, they are transported by giant forty-ton trucks. First, the canals fell into disrepair. So, mile after mile of canal systems became overgrown and useless for boats.

So, as far as I can remember,

the sixties were the start of the canal preservation movement. Hundreds of trusts were set up for people to offer their services and clean up their local canal system.

Canals such as the “Erewash Canal” were renovated and are now cared for by the “Canal and River Trust“. This has happened all over the UK. Now, anyone can use these beautiful waterways, whether they have a boat or just want to walk along them.

Great systems here in Yorkshire.

Closer to home! Here in Yorkshire, our canal system is second to none. So, we have hundreds of great marinas for mooring our wonderful canal boats.

Because of this, our boat battery deliveries visit these marinas regularly. Importantly, these boat owners are very good customers of ours. Of course, there are also many small leisure boats on our waterways.

Of course, there are many of our online customers who will type different words into the search engines. so as to help them find the battery product that they are looking for. For example, “canal boat leisure batteries” is a very popular search phrase, and “narrow boat batteries for sale” is also a very popular search term.

Of course, car, leisure, truck, and tractor batteries do have the same part numbers. We also highly recommend that you fit a like-for-like battery in your vehicle. So, for example, an AGM battery should be replaced by another AGM battery.

About Boat Batteries

About Boat Batteries-Leisure batteries get you going and keep you going.

Learn the difference between starting and deep-cycle batteries and how to get the best batteries for your boat.

Only lithium-ion or VLRA batteries are available from us. Both are leak-proof and require no maintenance. The batteries can therefore be installed virtually anywhere. Compared to other open battery types or gasoline, these batteries are very safe. marine battery what, is a marine battery.

It is always advisable to abide by the manufacturer’s safety recommendations.

Security concerns primarily result from careless handling or wilful disregard. For instance, this could be due to aggression, improper charging, improper installation, an open fire, or a short circuit.
If you don’t install it correctly or charge it with the wrong charger, you’ll hurt the electric motor and the battery. boat battery care, choosing the right battery.

The battery heats up and loses capacity when the charger’s current is too high. In an emergency, this might cause an explosion or fire. To reduce some dangers, pay close attention to suitable components when purchasing.

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