off roading with Optima batteries

AGM 4×4 batteries: 4×4 electrical power options-Optima Yellow Top

AGM 4×4 batteries

AGM 4x4 batteries
AGM 4×4 batteries

AGM 4×4 batteries

This attached article is about using auxiliary batteries to power any electrical extras that you may need when out trekking. So, if you intend on going out into the wilderness, stay over for, say, a couple of nights. Then you may need some extra battery power.

Things like electric cooking and lighting spring to mind. In my opinion, the AGM battery is the best option. The battery is on a separate system to your vehicle’s starter battery.

One of the best products on the market at the moment is an Optima battery.

These batteries are made from AGM technology. So, the plates are coiled. which gives the batteries more power due to the larger plate surface area. In my opinion, the Optima Yellow top is the best choice for this application.

off roading Optima battery
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No matter how tough the conditions are. So, whether it’s dampness, heat, exposure, dirt, extreme vibration, or regular discharge. Hence, the Optima Yellow Top is guaranteed to deliver uninterrupted power. Even throughout the entire battery discharge cycle.

its capacity to maintain a high voltage. say during the discharge cycle. This means that you can take advantage of a larger part of the stored power in the OPTIMA. Compared to ordinary batteries, the Yellow Top will provide many more charge and discharge cycles when compared to the traditional lead-acid batteries often used.

Optima Yellow Top batteries are available online

for fitment on AGM 4×4 batteries in the UK, with next-working-day delivery to most UK postcode areas. Optima batteries are sealed and spill-proof, giving extra assurance and security. So, these batteries are ideal for 4×4 users who set off into the wilderness on a trek from, say, a base camp. Just park your vehicle and camp before setting off trekking.

If you’re going to use your four-wheel drive for off-road adventures, you’re going to need a reliable and abundant source of power for all your electrical gear. These days, there are more 4×4 electrical power options than ever before

Source: Everything you need to know about 4×4 electrical power options | Practical Motoring

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