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Agm batteries-Gel Batteries-What is the difference between AGM and Gel batteries?

Agm batteries-Gel Batteries

Folks often ask us if AGM and gel batteries are the same thing. We’ll give you the answer in the Power Source blog

Agm batteries-Gel Batteries

This article comes from the Optima Battery company .Hence, when I first started out in batteries,. Then most people thought that AGM and Gel batteries were the same thing. However, they are not. This article from Optima batteries explains what the difference is.

As expected, GEL batteries are lead acid that has added  fumed silica. Thus, this makes the battery into a gel battery where the electrolyte is suspended in. Naturally, this is a thick paste and allows the electrons to flow between the plates.

Therefore, this battery will not leak and can be fitted in any position. Gel Cell Batteries must be recharged with the correct type of charger. For this reason it must be charged with the correct type of charger. The GEL battery can not be used for starting a vehicle, but will take a higher discharge.

Agm batteries-Gel Batteries have somewhat taken the lead in popularity. Hence, this is because the acid is mixed with glass fibre dust to solidify the acid.

The AGM battery is also sealed and can be fitted in any position. For this reason the electrons can move about more freely. Of course, giving this type of batteries more options. So such as a starter battery for vehicles. Of course they are also deep cycle and are more open to different types of chargers.

AGM significantly more powerful than regular lead acid batteries

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The AGM has become a more popular choice than the GEL battery. In fact in recent times the AGM batteries have taken a step further away from Gel batteries.

In the race to formulate a greener car product. So, the AGM batteries are now used on a wide range of start-stop cars. The effect is that the cars engine automatically shuts off when the car stops at say a set of  traffic light.

The car starts up again when the clutch is pressed and off the car goes. The procedure is supposed to save fuel. When the car stops. However, the system is controlled by an AGM battery.

Because of its deep cycle performance. According to a leading battery manufacturer a normal lead acid battery would be able to perform up to 30,000 engine starts, An AGM battery shoots up to 260,000 engine starts. This also means that emissions are reduced by a significant 8% .


Agm batteries-Gel Batteries are commonly mistaken with one another. What distinguishes these batteries from one another, and what do they all share in common? Each variety of battery is a VRLA battery, and both varieties have a vent valve built into them.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery is what “VRLA” stands for when you see it abbreviated. While using this sort of closed battery, the hydrogen that is produced by the battery is recombined, which eliminates the need to top off the battery with distilled water as is necessary when working with wet batteries.

Agm batteries-Gel Batteries share a few characteristics in common, but apart from those, there are considerable distinctions between the two.

In comparison to traditional lead-acid batteries,

gel batteries have a lower rate of electrode wear, which results in a longer lifespan for the product. This is a major selling point for gel batteries.

Gel batteries, on the other hand, are unable to create strong cold start currents within a short amount of time as a result of their increased internal resistance. Their susceptibility to changes in temperature is a second detriment associated with them.

AGM batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that was developed primarily for use in automobiles that have automatic start-stop systems and increasing power requirements.

Any drivers who utilise a large number of electrical devices and driver assistance systems

, or who simply demand improved starting and supply reliability through an incredibly high performance battery, should look into purchasing AGM batteries.

These batteries are highly recommended. AGM batteries have a number of advantages, including the following:

For this reason then you should not replace a start-stop battery with a regular lead acid battery. because the difference is significant.

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