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AGM Batteries-Johnson Control are probably the worlds No1 battery maker

AGM Batteries-Johnson Control

AGM Batteries-Johnson Control

Significantly, Johnson Controls has sold its Power Solutions business, which includes the battery side of the business, to a private equity firm. So, the business was bought by Toronto-based Brookfield Business Partners LP. The Power Solutions business unit includes lead-acid battery manufacturing and recycling operations. Of course, including a large smelting and recycling plant in Florence, South Carolina,

Of course, in recent times, the company has indeed invested heavily in some of the new lead-acid battery products. Including the now popular AGM Batteries-Johnson Control, (“Absorbent Glass Matting) and EFB batteries (“Enhanced Flooded Battery) that are used on the latest “Stop-Start vehicles”. Another development has been in the Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing market.

Clarios International Inc. (formally Johnson Control)

is recognised as an industry pioneer in terms of energy storage solutions. The company develops and manufactures the most cutting-edge battery technologies for virtually every type of vehicle.

In order to develop energy storage solutions that are more cutting-edge, effective, and environmentally friendly, the company designs, manufactures, recovers, and reuses batteries.

It possesses the most extensive and productive portfolio of novel lead-acid and lithium-ion battery technologies, which are designed to power almost every type of passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, and recreational vehicle.

Clarios currently supplies power

to one out of every three automobiles on the planet and has customers in more than 140 countries across the globe.

Of course, Clarios has still retained the famous brand name Varta batteries. This well known brand has always been a brand leader in Europe and most of the Western world. Making batteries for the original equipment market as well as the battery retail emplacement sector.

Varta’s range also extends to the huge truck and tractor market. offering quality products to the commercial trucking and farming markets across the world.

AGM/EFB has more staying power

Because of the increased number of times the vehicle engine is switched on and off. Then the start-stop batteries had to be made with more deep-cycle power capability. Consequently, the plates in these types of batteries had to be made differently from the standard wet-flooded lead acid car battery. So, the batteries used are now more in line with the leisure batteries that are used in the motorhome and caravan battery markets.

Thicker plates were to be the answer. AGM Batteries-Johnson Control was among the pioneers in making the start-stop battery a success. So, now fitted to millions of cars, they have entered the replacement car battery market. Significantly, we now have to check the status of the car’s operating system. Asking the customer if they have the start-stop system on their particular vehicle!

Johnson controls are one of the worlds leading AGM battery manufacturers. They make many leading brands including Optima batteries, Bosch batteries and of course, Varta batteries.

So, we at sell the products of AGM Batteries-Johnson Control and Exide batteries online.

Unprecedented performance in the most demanding conditions.

As a footnote, then Exide Industries Limited is a market leader in packaged power technology and the largest storage battery company in India. They offer the widest variety of conventional flooded batteries as well as the most advanced VRLA batteries in their product line.

It designs, manufactures, markets, and sells a wide variety of lead acid storage batteries, with capacities ranging from 2.5 AH to 20,600 AH, in order to meet the requirements of the widest possible range of applications.

At the moment, the business caters to customers in a variety of industries all over the world, including the railways, mining, and defence sectors, as well as the computer, power, and telecommunications sectors. infrastructure projects.

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