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AGM Car Batteries Popular- Start-Stop vehicles using AGM and EFB batteries becoming more popular.

AGM Car Batteries Popular

We all must have noticed the increasing popularity of the AGM battery. Of course, modern cars are now fitted with “start-Stop” technology. So, when I was an apprentice motor mechanic, I can always remember Mr. Flintoff, my course tutor. saying that you should never switch off your vehicle’s engine. because it would use more fuel to start the engine back up again.

Whether or not AGM batteries are superior to their flooded counterparts is one of the most often asked topics about vehicle batteries. The vast majority of the cars on the road today utilise either flooded or AGM lead-acid car batteries, while there are currently only a very small number of vehicles that employ lithium-based battery packs. AGM batteries and gel batteries are two quite different types of technology, despite the fact that some people might think gel batteries are also frequently utilised in automotive applications. In fact, if you ever see a gel battery in a car or truck, the next time you do might be the first.

AGM Car Batteries Popular
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We will now examine why AGM batteries are superior to flooded lead-acid batteries

As as it has been determined that most consumers will prefer one over the other. After all, AGM batteries are often more expensive than flooded batteries. However, compared to their flooded equivalents, AGM batteries have significant design and performance advantages. AGM batteries are significantly more vibration resistant than flooded batteries because the electrolyte is absorbed into fibreglass matting (thus the name Absorbed Glass Mat), as opposed to flooded batteries, which merely hang lead plates in an electrolyte solution inside the battery.

So this is what we did ? This was on the older engines that were fired up by spark plugs. Sooner or later, this had to change. Sure enough, the fuel-injection engine came along. As a result, the old, inefficient spark plug engine has been replaced. OK, I am being very simplistic and uncomplicated, but this is the gist of it.

Fuel Injection start-stop engines required a better battery

Because of the more frequent times an Exide car battery has to stop and restart the engine, the system is also on hybrid cars fitted with a regenerative brake system and is on about 60% of the cars that are produced in Europe. However, this article is about cars fitted with start-stop systems using AGM batteries. Apollo Power AGM batteries are made using deep-cycle technology.

AGM Car Batteries Popular

It is also used in many other AGM lead-acid technology batteries. AGM batteries allow the battery to become more deeply discharged before recharging. They are semi-traction batteries, having a thicker plate for more storage. When replacing one of these batteries, it is important to replace them with the exact same type. Replace an AGM with the same capacity AGM battery that is fitted to your car.

Some smaller car models that are fitted with stop-start engines use the EFB batteries. Once again, you cannot replace AGM batteries with EFB batteries. However, you can fit an 115 AGM battery in place of an EFB battery. It’s strange, but it’s true. I hope that all makes sense.

Maintaining the Health of Your Boat’s Batteries So That the Power Never Stops Flowing

On the water, our power comes from the boat’s batteries. But how can we ensure that they remain in peak physical condition? Let’s explore.

What exactly are batteries for boats?

Our boats are powered by boat batteries, which can also be referred to as marine batteries. They help start the engines, operate the equipment, and make it possible for us to go on water adventures.

Why Should We Worry About Boat Batteries?

Battery life can be extended with the right maintenance. It ensures that the power will be reliable even when you need it the most. The question now is, how should you take care of the batteries in your boat?

  1. The Typical Fee Structure

The key is to charge it regularly. Before you leave the house, check to see that your batteries have a full charge. For the best results, make use of a marine battery charger.

  1. Keep the Terminals Clean

A healthy connection depends on having clean terminals. To get rid of any corrosion, you can use a wire brush. This ensures that there is no disruption in the flow of power.

  1. Keep an eye on the water level.

Be sure to check the water levels of your flooded lead acid batteries on a regular basis. If necessary, add more water that has been distilled to them. However, take care not to overfill the container.

  1. Make sure your batteries are safe.

It’s possible for boat rides to be bumpy. Make sure your batteries are fastened down to prevent any movement. They are shielded from harm and their lifespan is increased as a result of this. Agm car batteries popular review, Agm car batteries popular price, agm car battery price, best agm car battery uk.


Taking care of the boat’s batteries is an easy task that is nonetheless essential. Maintaining clean terminals, performing routine charging, and securing your battery in the appropriate manner can significantly lengthen its lifespan. If you take good care of your boat’s batteries, they will continue to provide power for your seagoing exploits for many years to come.


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