AGM Car Batteries

AGM Car Batteries

AGM Car Batteries

So by now, we have all probably heard of the “stop-start” system that is on many of the car models of today. Stop-start cars were thought about years ago! There are mixed thoughts about who may have invented the system.

Consequently, there are two schools of thought. So, an American visionary called Fred Kirchner came up with the idea, saying it would be great for fuel economy and also give cars clean emissions. Fred actually wrote an article for the 1960s “Popular Science” magazine.

My research found this information in “Jalopnik” , which also credits Toyota engineers with coming up with the idea in the 1970s. Toyota were the ones who engineered, built, and tested a “Toyota Crown sedan,” successfully achieving a 10% reduction in fuel savings. Of course, these results were also published in Popular science magazine of 1974.

This is a great link and well worth looking at all those years ago.

The Basic’s of Start-Stop Technology

Of course, “start-stop systems” automatically shut down and restart the engine. reducing the amount of time your car engine spends idling (ticking over), therefore cutting down on the amount of fuel that your engine is using (fuel consumption).

Importantly, this also reduces the car’s emissions. So, many of the car manufacturers chose to fit Varta and Bosch AGM Car Batteries. both of which were made by Johnson Controls. Of course, many other companies now make AGM car batteries. So, for the replacement battery market,

We must not forget that the humble car battery is at the heart of every car. powering everything, from the ignition to continuously operating vehicle electric systems. including comprehensive on-board entertainment systems.

As a result, your vehicle’s battery ensures constant power for all other functions. Most importantly, powering your engine during the start-stop process Those batteries have to do much more than just start the car. That’s why the AGM car battery is at the heart of your vehicle.


So, your battery is being discharged and charged at more regular intervals. including supplying all the cars’ electronic devices on its own. Is your “car battery dead?” So, whether you are looking for “cheap car batteries” or a better-known brand, we have loads on offer.

Of course, when your old battery goes flat, look no further for a great “car battery price.” Fortunately, we sell all the top “12-volt car battery” brands. including the “Bosch car battery,” the “Lucas car battery,” and also the renowned “Exide car battery” online.

Given these points, you must replace the AGM battery with the same type of battery. Of course, that was fitted as original equipment. So, a normal car battery may look the same, but the insides are not. The AGM batteries have thicker plates. giving them more power to constantly stop and start the car when driving in towns and cities. thus saving on fuel and the vehicles’ emissions.

As an old guy, I am just getting used to the stop-start system in my delivery vans. So, the process is really easy, with the AGM battery and starter motor doing most of the work. Of course, AGM Car Batteries are used in other vehicles! including boats, trucks, and motorhomes.

AGM useful battery part numbers

AGM Car Batteries are becoming increasingly popular due to their reliable and efficient operation in extreme weather conditions. They are also longer-lasting and provide consistent energy delivery. Additionally, AGM Car Batteries are safe, contain fewer acids, and are simpler to recycle.

As such, they are ideal for cars that require a lot of power or are used in off-roading or racing. Investing in an AGM battery may be a great choice for those seeking dependable and quality performance.