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AGM Leisure batteries Choice: To Power This Impressive Classic Motorhome

AGM Leisure batteries choice

AGM Leisure batteries choice
AGM Leisure batteries choice

AGM Leisure batteries choice

Recreational vehicles (RV’s) like the one in the image are rigged out with many electrical gadgets. including television sets (some people now have more than one), microwave ovens, fridge freezers, power showers, and many others. Of course, something has to power these devices.

This is where the grey area plays its part. Which battery or batteries do I choose? Most of these batteries come into the leisure battery category. Unfortunately, leisure batteries cover a very broad spectrum. Of course, you will require a regular car battery to start your vehicle when moving on.

This type of battery is a standard lead-acid technology battery. Car and SUV batteries are made to give you the maximum cranking amps that are recommended for your particular vehicle. Therefore, car batteries are designed to give as much voltage as they can to turn over your engine and start the vehicle . Especially on those cold winter mornings, when maximum power is required.

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AGM Leisure batteries choice-car batteries were used in the early days

Consequently, in the early days of the caravan pioneers, any battery would do. Here in the UK, most people would go away for the weekend. parking up where there was some type of facility. Originally, caravans were poorly equipped with electricity. So this meant the battery was not important. People would come to us to buy the cheapest car batteries that they could afford.

These batteries were wired in all sorts of ways. Hence, the enthusiastic caravan owners. Consequently, the batteries would never last more than one season. People did not have many options. Small car batteries even powered the earliest golf trolleys.

As travel abroad became more popular, the caravan industry boomed. This included the upgraded electric appliances that were fitted into much more expensive caravans. Battery companies were quick off the mark and started to look at specific battery development aimed at this fast-growing market. On the dark side, some companies just label car batteries as leisure batteries.

In all fairness, they chose to use large-capacity car batteries. In many cases, these batteries did do the job, but as before, they did not last much more than a use of constant charging and discharging.

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 AGM Leisure Battery Choice: New battery types had to be found

In the overall battery world, many other things are starting to rely on better batteries. It was necessary to devise a method of driving golf trolleys and buggies. The arrival of the AGM battery (absorbent glass matting) was to solve many of these problems. Because these batteries were filled with glass matting fibre, they could take a much bigger charge and discharge. Another advantage was that they could be completely sealed.

because there was not any free-flowing acid in the batteries. So they could be fitted in any position on a golf buggy or in the fast-growing mobility scooter batteries.

At the same time, battery manufacturers were looking for a type of “hybrid battery”. These would be able to start a vehicle. while at the same time having more power storage capability than the average car battery. Consequently, a range of leisure batteries were introduced at a caravan show in London. They were Numax batteries. They come in different sizes to suit large or small caravans and later motorhomes.

Numax added twin posts for easy connections to increase the power capability by adding more than one battery together. Another added feature was that the battery plates were thicker. able to take more cycles as the batteries are charged and discharged. These batteries are now extremely popular amongst caravan and motorhome owners. This now includes the growing leisure boat community.

AGM Leisure batteries choice to cope with solar storage

To bring us more up to date, then leisure vehicle manufacturers were including solar panels as part of the vehicle. Also, other parts companies were introducing solar panel kits that could easily be fitted and used when travelling away from power plugin caravan parks. This has given the owners a new type of freedom. Not having to rely on special caravan areas.

The sun would charge the batteries just as it does on our roof solar panels. However, in my opinion, these twin-post leisure batteries are not the best batteries to use with solar power. The ideal battery is the deep-cycle AGM battery. Trojan Batteries are an excellent choice. They are more expensive to buy in the first place, but they will last much longer and do a better job than the normal leisure battery.

Classic motorhomes are the jewels of RV living. In this Classic Ride post, two of Serro’s nimble Class C motorhomes find new life with two different sets of owners.

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