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AGM vs. Flooded Lead Acid Batteries-Another look at the two battery types.

AGM vs. Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

I find this type of article very interesting. Therefore, I like to add customer advice like this to my blogs. Of course, for my customers and readers to learn from For this reason, I will let my readers digest the information and make up their own minds. So, regarding the best battery to use,

AGM batteries are certainly becoming more common and popular. especially in things such as mobility vehicles and other things such as golf buggies. Consequently, though, the lead acid free flow battery, is still the most popular battery. Revolutionary new car technology is now used for the AGM car battery to start regular car engines.

So, more and more cars are coming out with Start-Stop engines fitted to them. Of course, this is all to do with government regulations to reduce vehicle emissions.

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AGM vs. Sealed Lead Acid: The Automobile Battery Battle

Ah, the realm of automobile batteries! There is a lot of technical speak, jargon, and confusion in this area, let’s face it. Will you jump in with me? Today, we’ll discuss AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and conventional sealed lead acid batteries, two titans in this industry. Let’s examine their stories. Swiftly.

Both could appear similar at first look. After all, they are spill-proof, sealed, and promise to be powerful. Yet if you dig a little further, differences start to show. Clearly.

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An AGM battery?

They are the neighbourhood’s newer kids. These batteries are firmly packed with fibreglass matting to guarantee the acid is absorbed, reducing the possibility of a spill.

Unbelievable fact: AGM batteries have an impressively longer lifespan as well as a faster charge rate. It’s a marriage made in efficiency heaven for those who crave it.

Let’s now talk about conventional sealed lead acid batteries. These vintage parts have a sealed construction and have been devotedly serving vehicles for years. It entails no upkeep. Yet in comparison to its AGM counterparts, it also means a slower charging rate. Nonetheless, their widespread accessibility and low cost have given them a prized place in many engines.

Which ultimately prevails?

There isn’t a universal solution, I guess. AGM batteries are unquestionably superior in terms of performance and longevity, but they are also more expensive. In contrast, sealed lead acid batteries may not charge as quickly, but their affordability maintains them in use.

Individual demands ultimately determine whether to use AGM vs. Sealed Lead Acid for automobiles. It involves assessing benefits vs. drawbacks, costs vs. obligations. Yet, as always, information is power. And now that you have this knowledge, you are unquestionably prepared to make a wise decision.

Charge up, my dear reader, and enjoy your vehicle’s ideal energy match!

How does the AGM battery help?

So, many motorists will now own start-stop cars. Naturally, it does what it says ! When the car stops, the engine cuts out. When the driver is ready to move off, he depresses the car’s clutch, then the engine re-starts, and off they go. Alongside modern computer-operated efficient engines. Then this switching of the engine on and off saves engine emissions.

Of course, there is also what I call a middle man in the battery world.

The EFB battery is a flooded lead acid battery with thicker, heavier-duty plates. So, both the AGM and EFB car batteries are heavier duty, giving a deeper cycle when compared to the regular flooded lead acid car battery. Expressly, stronger batteries are required for the constant switching off and restarting of the engines.

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AGM vs. Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

Importantly, this must not be overlooked when buying a replacement battery for your vehicle. Matching up the new battery with your old battery has now become more important than ever. When answering emails from customers wanting to know which battery fits their cars. Then the fitment of the AGM and EFB is now becoming more common. Failure to fit the correct battery will lead to a short life and probably a waste of money.

Finally, please buy the right battery.

Don’t think you are saving money by choosing the cheaper car battery option. Quality batteries like those from Varta and Bosch may cost a little more, but they will give better service and last longer.

Learn the difference between AGM vs. Sealed Lead Acid

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