Apollo-Power Batteries-Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts about These Batteries.

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Apollo-Power Batteries

Apollo Power batteries

Of course, like other commodities, So, car owners are increasingly looking online to buy parts for their cars.  Naturally, including new batteries. This is all about the motorists, looking to buy the Cheapest Car Battery online?

How do they know about the quality of the battery that they are looking for. Eventually buying? I will be perfectly honest. In most cases then battery products on sale on the internet . Notably, are of good qquality,and the vendors can be trusted.

However, if you recognise the name such as ApolloPower, Lucas and Bosch batteries. Then you are well on your way to eliminate any doubts in your mind. So, regarding quality and trustworthiness. Some of the less familiar names can however be just as good. Including our own brand of Apollo-Power batteries.

If it is Cheap Car Batteries that you are looking for. Mixed with excellent quality.

Then Apollo-Power batteries are the ones to choose. I have been in the battery business now for forty years.

Along with my wife. Together, we have been running the Batteries-On-The-Web website now for 8 years. In this time, I can honestly say that we have been promoting the Apollo-Power batteries. Trying to reach the spot of our number one seller.

We also sell another excellent product, the Lucas and Banner batteries both on our own web site or on E-Bay with now over a £2.5 million in battery sales.

So, as a small family business, we put our success down to some the excellent apollo power battery products. Of course, that we sell with our next working day delivery system. Which has also proved to be successful for our internet customers.

We do get one or two hiccups, especially with the couriers, after all we are not perfect, but in general we have delivered an excellent Apollo-Power batteries product on time.

In addition to this we are now receiving many multiple sale and large size battery orders. As a result of this, we have changed our delivery policy.

Consequently, when orders arrive for quantity’s or larger batteries, then we either use a pallet provider or deliver the batteries on our own transport. Ensuring a safe and satisfactory delivery with spillage or breakages.

Apollo Power batteries
Apollo Power batteries

Apollo-Power Batteries

Our apollo battery showing internal construction, are considered as our second favourite battery after the excellent Lucas Premium battery. We only use high ampere batteries for the Apollo-Power batteries range. A good example is our 063 battery.

The Apollo-Power 063 batteries are 45 amp batteries and have higher specs than the equivalent 063 S4001 Bosch battery with 44 amps and the Varta Blue 063 B18 battery also with 44 amps.

Our Premium battery, the Lucas are made by the largest battery manufacturer in the USA, Johnson controls. Johnson Controls who incidentally, make many other famous battery products, including Varta and Bosch batteries. Correcting, (Johnson controls have now sold the battery arm of the business).

The Lucas premium range of batteries

Another point is that Lucas and ApolloPower have the same specifications as your cars original battery. So, fitting almost every make and model of cars in Europe and so you can be sure that they will have the correct battery to fit your car.

Apollo-power battery amaron automotive batteries are now the new “kids on the block” of course in the UK battery world and are well worth a try should you require a new car battery.

AGM and EFB are the latest type of batteries to join the Apollo Power range.

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