Apollopower 110 AH Leisure battery-delivered to Beautiful Craster Harbour

Apollopower 110 AH Leisure battery
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Apollopower 110 AH Leisure battery

Apollopower 110 AH Leisure battery

So this was to be another panic delivery to a stranded campervan owner with a dead deep cycle leisure battery marine battery problem. However, once again, my good-will journey would take me to another gem of the British coastline.

Northumberland has been a happy hunting ground for battery sales online. The Northumberland coast, of course, is dotted with beautiful small harbour towns and villages dotted along the unspoiled coastal roads.

When I was a young man, I travelled through Northumberland on my way to Scotland. So, I became an earthmover tyre fitter and had to deliver or put on the big tyres in Scottish quarries and coal mines.

Of course, the journey was long, and my main objective back then was to get through Northumberland as quickly as possible. admiring the wonderful countryside but never stopping to have a real look!

The Adventures of a Battery Delivery Man Along Northumberland’s Coast

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I embarked on a new adventure. I became a delivery man for batteriesontheweb delivering the Apollopower 110 AH Leisure battery. So, bringing a deep cycle leisure marine battery to the picturesque coastal areas of Northumberland. Little did I know, this job would turn my ordinary days into extraordinary experiences!

As I set out each morning, the coastal breeze greeted me. It whispered tales of the sea, urging me to take a moment and admire the beauty before me. But alas, I had a job to do, and I couldn’t linger long.

My trusty Ford Transit Connect van and I ventured far and wide, navigating winding roads and quaint villages. We met all sorts of folks along the way, from friendly locals to inquisitive tourists. Each one had a story to share, and I gladly lent an ear.

The Apollopower 110 AH Leisure battery I delivered brought power to boats, caravans, and holiday homes. It felt good to play a part in the joy of others, even if it was just a small role. The satisfied smiles of my customers were always worth the journey.

Apollopower 110 AH Leisure battery

Oh, the breathtaking views I encountered!

The majestic Bamburgh Castle, standing tall against the backdrop of the North Sea. The vibrant puffins of the Farne Islands, playfully dancing in the sky. And who could forget the mystical Holy Island of Lindisfarne, with its ancient ruins and unique tidal causeway?

As the days passed, I began to make a point of stopping now and then. I’d pause to capture a photograph or just soak in the splendour of the Northumberland coastline. Each time, I felt a renewed appreciation for the world around me.

And so, my days delivering ApolloPower leisure batteries unfolded, filled with laughter, awe, and gratitude. The Northumberland coast left its mark on me, and I’ll cherish those memories for a lifetime. To think, all of this beauty and adventure was sparked by the simple act of delivering Apollopower 110 AH Leisure battery. What a journey it has been!

Battery deliveries opened up this magical county to me !

So, years have passed by, and I have now fast-forwarded to the time when I started my online battery business. In my younger days, the M6 motorway opened up a faster route for motorists to get to Scotland.

However, one day I received an order for ten 110-ah leisure batteries for Northumberland. I had been to the area before, so I decided to use our own transportation to bring the 12v 110ah deep cycle leisure there. This is not uncommon for larger orders.

Since that time, I have visited the area on numerous occasions. for short vacations and also on our deliveries

Apollopower 110 AH Leisure battery
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Never miss a chance of a visit!

Last week, we received an email from a campervan owner with a faulty 110ah deep cycle leisure battery leisure battery. The van was stranded on the Northumberland coast, parked up at a place called Craster Harbour. I decided quickly that I would deliver the battery myself and replied right away to the guys’ email.

So I travelled up with an open mind, but on arrival, I was blown away by the quaintness and sheer beauty of the place. Firstly, I phoned Mr. Edmunds and promptly delivered his Apollopower 110 Ah leisure battery, as he was eager to get on his way to a pre-booked campsite further north up the coast.

Craster is only a very small place with a tiny old man-made harbour. Indeed, it felt as though I had gone back in time, as it looked unspoiled. This was a place that I had to revisit for a short vacation. On my return home, I have looked at various cottages to rent, and I will be returning for a more in-depth visit to this little gem on the Northumberland coast.

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