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ApolloPower AGM Batteries-The Unstoppable Rise of AGM & EFB Car Batteries

ApolloPower AGM Batteries-EFB Car Batteries

ApolloPower AGM Batteries

Of course, this attached article emphasises, the massive growth are in lead acid battery technology. Significantly, the rise of the AGM and EFB car batteries. Consequently, Exide batteries reinforce what we already know !

So, although I have written about this many times ! I never get fed up of giving a simple explanation of the reasoning behind this new lead acid car battery development.

Many years ago, when I was an apprentice mechanic. Then we had to attend a local college for budding mechanics. many of my older readers will probably relate to this ! So, our nearest college was at Batley, a part of what is now Kirklees, a small woollen mill town in the heart of West Yorkshire, England, UK.

Motor vehicle technology course

So, in those days we had to attend college, a full day of the week and also one evening a week. Specifically, our course was known as “Motor Vehicle Technology” So, operated to achieve “City of Guilds” qualifications, and our course tutor was a Mr Flintoff. A middle aged guy with a great sense of humour. For some strange reason there were certain things that always stood out in my mind.

Consequently, one of them was the fact that your cars engine should not be switched off. Specially, when the vehicle was stopped for a short while, say at a set of traffic lights. The engine would use more fuel by switching off the engine than by leaving the engine running.

Because of these wise words, then I did not switch off the engine when stopping for all my driving life.

Stop-Start technology became even more interesting

Bring this forward to today, and I was shocked when I heard about these new type of AGM car batteries. Specifically used on “Stop-Start” cars, that we now see on the market. But how can this work ? surely this goes against all that I was taught back in the day ?

Well, it all started with the urgent need to cut back on exhaust omissions. According to our politicians, the planet is getting hotter causing problems with the “ozone layer“. Consequently, messing up our weather systems.

Of course, the use of dirty carbon based fossil fuels have taken the blame. Motor manufacturers had to come up with much cleaner solutions for delivering cleaner diesel and petrol engines.

As a result, all manners of new filter including fuel and emission particle filters were added. Expressly, to the modern engines to reduce the greenhouse gas effect.

start stop efb battery

European Union Pollution Guide Lines

So, to police the work of the car manufacturers, the European Union introduced a set of compulsory guidelines. Known as the Euro 1 to Euro 6 standards . The latest was introduced in September 2015. Diesel engined cars were especially targeted. However I digress ? Because of the introduction of Start-Stop vehicles and their AGM and EFB Car Batteries, then I had to check this out.

Remember. back in the day, we were told not to switch off our engines and now they were saying the opposite ! So, the engines that we had were quite primitive really. Operating by the use of primitive inefficient carburettors, and also by the way giving off lead poisoning. Of course, the new modern engines are a far cry form these air polluting monsters of the past. batteries used in my early days are now classed as vintage batteries.

Modern injection systems coupled with particle filters have completely changed the efficiency of these modern vehicle. Thus, answering my question ? So, it is much more sensible to be able to switch off the engine when the car is idling. Say at road junctions or traffic lights.

start stop efb battery

So how does Start-Stop work

I must admit right now ! that I hate Stop-Start cars. When ever I drive one, then I switch it off ! However, what happens is ,when you are driving along and the vehicle comes to a stop. Then the car will detect that the car has stopped. Including the fact that the brake pedal has also been pressed or even the clutch is being depressed and the car is out of gear. Automatically, then the car shuts off the fuel supply and then turns off the ignition, via the cars on-board “Electric Control Unit” (ECU).

Of course, this is why a more powerful deep cycle AGM or EFB Car Batteries had to be developed. Simply because the vehicle engine will now be switching on and  off. Millions of more times. Predictably, when we start to move away again. Firstly, then we release the brake pedal . Secondly, by pressing the throttle or engaging the gear again then the car engine starts back up again.

The driver can then carry on with their journey, not having to turn any keys or pressing any buttons.

ApolloPower AGM Batteries-Millions of vehicles must save much fuel and with it emissions ?

When I first heard about this a few years ago now. So, I just thought it was a gimmick. After all the car industry has seen many false horizons in the past. Especially with ideas that never came into fruition. Of course, AGM car batteries are now made by most of the worlds battery manufacturers. here at batteriesontheweb.co.uk we can offer our own ApolloPower AGM battery, Bosch, Varta, Banner and Lucas batteries to say the least.

This article reinforces the strength that the AGM battery and the EFB battery market will attain . Explicitly, AGM technology are also a benefit to the motorists. Firstly, these ApolloPower batteries are totally maintenance free , just like their cousins the mobility scooter batteries and the golf trolley batteries. The AGM stands for “Absorbent Glass Fibre

ApolloPower AGM Batteries-What does AGM mean ?

Meaning that the electrolyte has been absorbed into a glass fibre powder. So, the gasses given off are re-absorbed and so the battery can be totally sealed. The two types , the AGM and the EFB batteries are used for different types of engine. So, the EFB’s are normally used on small to medium size engined cars, without re-generative braking systems. ApolloPower AGM Batteries are used on cars that do have re-generative braking systems.

However he general rule is that you should not mix the two battery types. Significantly, if you have an EFB battery then it can be replaced by an EFB or an AGM. However, ApolloPower AGM Batteries can only be replaced like for like with another AGM. Of course, as long as its the same size and Ah rating. You can use other battery brands as long as the specifications are the same as the battery that you are replacing.

Of course, these batteries can be purchased online. Importantly, here is some information for when your online battery order arrives at your premises.

So since my confession about hating start stop cars I have somehow got used to them. Indeed, I now see the light and find them beneficial and fuel saving.

Start-stop vehicles already account for most new vehicle registrations in Europe, and are entering the aftermarket in rapidly increasing numbers. In this article, Exide explains how the industry can take full advantage of the changes.

So here in 2022 then the AGM battery market has grown and grown.

Source: The Unstoppable Rise of AGM & EFB Batteries – Professional Motor Mechanic

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