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ApolloPower leisure batteries-delivery near to The Cefn Coed Colliery Museum

ApolloPower leisure batteries

ApolloPower leisure batteries

Because of the beginning of the summer holiday season, we have been very busy selling our leisure battery range.

So, a couple of years ago, we made the decision to deliver certain battery products using our own transportation. significantly, due to the major problems that were occurring with the dreaded couriers! At that time, it was Yodel.

Unfortunately for us, ApolloPower leisure batteries were getting broken at regular intervals and even going missing. Especially when the orders went out to customers in remote and rural areas,

Problems were rife in the East Anglia area! We found ourselves having to go out and sort out all sorts of problems due to broken and missing leisure batteries.

Of course, we did eventually change couriers and also decided that we may as well make up our own delivery runs and send our own vans out. Therefore, we will use our own transportation to deliver the majority of our batteries over a certain size or value.

This is where I came into it?

All my life, I have loved travelling! The majority of my time is spent maintaining our websites. So I decided to become one of the delivery guys, “killing two birds with one stone,” so to speak. delivering my batteries and at the same time visiting wonderful places that I had not seen before.

So, I have said this many times before. But I am now not only delivering the ApolloPower battery products safely and on time but also having time for a chat with many of our customers. The latter can only be good for future business.

Many of our self-delivered batteries are indeed ApolloPower leisure batteries. Many owners of caravans and motorhomes visit sites all over the country. So, my theory is that the word-of-mouth effect will kick in.

Many of these lovely people will have conversations when visiting different sites, and I am convinced they will talk about different aspects and qualities of their vehicles. including where they bought their leisure batteries from.

Deliveries to South Wales this week-ApolloPower leisure batteries

This week was a busy one, including some deliveries to South Wales. So, my last delivery before moving on was to a small mining village called “Onllwyn“. The customer purchased four 110-volt ApolloPower leisure batteries.

As I climbed up and towards the delivery destination, I came across the “Cefn Coed Coal Mining Museum.” As I passed, I spotted a very regal-looking old steam train. Of course, the train was only there for display purposes, but it looked pretty spectacular to me! Unsurprisingly, I stopped and had a close look, actually taking a few images for this blog post.

The museum was built on the site of a former coal mine, which is now defunct. However, my customer, Mr. Parfett, explained that the coal was still being extracted “opencast” and transported down the valley. Probably by a single-track railway, which was located just across the road from where he lived.

So, this turned out to be just another small story from my journeys around the UK. The trip finished with me driving across the beautiful mountains and forests until I reached the M5 motorway. Taking me to the location of my most recent delivery of four T105 Trojan batteries in Oxfordshire

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