Apollopower XV31 MF Batteries-Emergency delivery to Rievaulx Abbey

Apollopower XV31 MF batteries-Emergency delivery to Rievaulx Abbey

Apollopower XV31 MF batteries

Apollopower XV31 MF batteries– Emergency delivery to Rievaulx Abbey

So this particular delivery came from a phone call to our Halifax office a few weeks ago. The customer was at the time touring my beloved Yorkshire in his mobile home.

Consequently, he was now stranded in North Yorkshire with battery problems. I normally get emails with customer problems, but not this time!

The guy was called Bill and his wife Norma.

Both were retired and spent much of their time touring with their little dog Lucy. Bill was an ex-navy engineer from the Portsmouth area and about four years ago devised his own solar storage system.

For this he had bought 4 x XV31MF Apollopower XV31 MF batteries. This was at the time when many battery companies were reducing the capacity of this model of battery to 105AH. This was said to be the true capacity of this battery.

However, one supplier had used genuine thicker lead alloy plates, making the battery into a heavy duty, deep cycle battery. So, they retained the 110Ah capacity. Bill had bought his Apollopower batteries because they were genuine 110AH Apollopower XV31 MF batteries and fit for the job in hand. That was to make a solar storage system using the portable solar panels that were then becoming available.  

The system worked well for the couple until they were visiting nearby historic market town of Helmsley. This is when they had battery problems. The problem was something to do with the lack of sun in the UK at the start of this year.

Apollopower XV31 MF batteries
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Even now in May

when I am writing this post the weather is still cold and dull with little sunshine to talk about. Anyhow, Bill needed 4 new Apollopower XV31 MF batteries, and quickly!. He tried locally at first but with no success. Any how the prices would be double as the price on the internet.

Bill was pleased with the Apollopower XV31 MF batteries that had lasted for just over four years.

Luckily his wife Norma remembered the name of the company who supplied them in Halifax. Fortunately the starter battery was good on the motorhome and they were able to do a little bit more touring during daylight hours. Then the xv31mf 110ah dual purpose leisure batteries were in disrepair.

In fact they visited their number one destination which was the spectacular Rievaulx Abbey.

After our telephone conversation, I decided that it was a job for me and my trusty Ford Connect van.

Arranging a meeting place, I set off to North Yorkshire with 4 x Apollopower XV31 MF batteries for Bills Motorhome. As a Yorkshire lover, then I am familiar with Helmsley and its many public houses. We arranged to meet at the “Black Swan” car park, Sure enough they were parked up and waiting for my delivery.

Bill was very pleased with the service and after handing over his new apollopower leisure xv31mf deep cycle he bought me a half of Yorkshire Bitter. Such stories have always been part of my life in the motor trade.

 Either through my garage business or my online battery business, we have always been able to help people in trouble. These little stories have stuck with me and now I can re-live them in my blogs.

At the same time I hope to be able to add some Yorkshire information and history for those wishing to visit this beautiful part of the world.

Apollopower XV31 MF batteries
Apollopower XV31 MF batteries

Rievaulx Abbey

When venturing into North Yorkshire possible delivering my batteries, I went on exciting journeys to discover the secret stories embedded in the ancient structure of Rievaulx Abbey and the delightful scenery in its vicinity.

 Snuggled between undulating verdant hills and murmuring woods, this ancient ruin has been both a witness and a custodian of centuries of history.

As I advanced closer to the abbey’s remains, I could feel a sense of bygone grandeur fill the atmosphere. I had the opportunity to explore Rievaulx Abbey, which had been established in 1132 by a congregation of devoted Cistercian monks.

 The abbey grew and flourished,

becoming renowned as one of England’s most influential religious sites. As I strolled through the crumbling arches, I could easily picture the monks carrying out their daily routines.

The intricately carved stonework of the abbey revealed the commitment and artistry of the artisans who worked there in the past. It was a place of spiritual contemplation, learning, and comfort. It was hard do believe that these monastic buildings were built by humans.

In my opinion just like the Pyramids in Egypt, it’s difficult for a layman to grasp!

I digress, beyond the abbey was an attractive environment that encouraged me to explore its enticing routes. A walk along the River Rye provided gorgeous landscapes, with the murmuring water blending with the sound of the swaying foliage.

The ancient trees rustled in the wind, their leaves creating a shade and shelter for ancestors who had drawn courage and spirit from their surroundings.

 Carrying on with my journey,

I ventured to Helmsley. I love Helmsley and visited a hundred times this idyllic little town immersed in tales from the past. The quaint alleys, featuring quaint shops and comfy teashops, exuded a classic and classical vibe.

 As I made my way through the streets, I thought I could hear whispers of days gone by. The hustle and bustle of market days, along with the cheerful chatter of the people of Helmsley echoed throughout the town. It could have been a hundred years ago!

 Nestled in the middle is the awe inspiring Helmsley Castle, its formidable walls erected during the 12th century effortlessly enduring the passing of historical eras. I climbed the castle’s ramparts, where I was greeted by the awe-inspiring view of the surrounding area – a true sign of its resilience.

 As the night fell,

I went back to Rievaulx Abbey, now glowing in the warm light of the setting sun. My soul filled with pride, I thought of the story this place had to tell – the commitment and loyalty of its inhabitants having changed not only the abbey itself, but also the fabric of the area due to its strategic significance.

 Within North Yorkshire lies the enduring remains of Rievaulx Abbey, a reminder of the strength and influence of humanity over the ages. This special place encourages visitors including Bill and Norma, to discover its beguiling story and embrace its tranquil atmosphere.

As nightfall descended upon the abbey and its surrounds, I bid my goodbye to this remarkable corner of the world. The recollections and tales I procured will stay permanently in my mind, bearing in mind the plentiful pattern that interfaces our history, present, and future. It was now time for the bats to fly and dance, looking for their insect prey.

Bill and his Apollopower XV31 MF batteries, will be far away now, just another happy customer.

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