Audi A3 battery Guide

Audi A3 battery Guide

Audi A3 battery Guide
Audi A3 battery Guide

Audi A3 battery Guide

Important information from Banner Batteries: Please note that some car manufacturers, including Audi, use a closed system when fitting a new battery. I called the BEM codes for the original battery and the original replacement battery.

It is, however, possible to fit an aftermarket battery. Consequently, that is not a BEM-approved product. Audi will allow you to do this as long as the replacement battery used is of the exact same specifications and quality as the original battery.

Having the same capacity and battery size is very important and must be adhered to.

Banner batteries: quality batteries for this purpose would be the  Running Bull EFB or AGM .

The Audi A3 models became very popular cars due to their high standards of design and workmanship.

Especially the 2006 model that came out to clearly compete with the other German car makers from Bavaria and Stuttgart. Although this post is primarily  about batteries, I feel that I must write about some of the other features this car has to offer.

Audi Car Batteries

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So, this new Audi A3 model set new standards and opened the eyes of the competition. Due to the style, personality, and dynamism that were introduced to this new car model,

I must confess that I knew nothing about this car until fairly recently. Audi A3 battery Guide

So, a short while ago. I just asked my service manager: Audi A3 battery Guide

Ryan Linton, which cars he would choose. Ryan immediately retorted that the Lexus hybrid was closely behind the Audi A3.

In fact, not long afterwards, Ryan replaced his old car with a nearly new Audi A3 model. I must admit the gleaming A3 does look like a stylish car. Ryan loves everything about his car, including a distinctive and responsive ride and slick gear change. It feels very similar to the ride you get from some of the BMW models.

However, this is a car battery article, and I don’t want to go into too much detail about the pluses and minuses of this particular model.

A3 Batteries come in a few different sizes. Audi A3 battery Guide

In fact, most A3 battery sizes are determined if the car is a diesel or petrol model. Most petrol vehicles are fitted with an 027 battery. Above 2. Litre engines are fitted with the popular 096 battery.

In the diesel range of the A3 then the 096 is the most popular battery fitted. The best way to check is with a battery lookup which you can find at the end of this post.

A “battery registration lookup” will also tell you if your Audi A3 is fitted with an AGM or EFB battery. Synonymous with the Stop start systems now fitted to most modern cars. Certainly the later models will be fitted with the stop start facility to help control vehicle emissions.

Many Audi models come out with a Varta battery fitted. So this is the Varta battery Finder for your cars.

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