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Battery Acid Advice

 Battery Acid Advice
Battery Acid Advice

Lead-acid batteries are considered hazardous materials because they contain lead and sulphuric acid.

Of course, this can be dangerous if handled improperly. Shipping these batteries by post poses a risk of leakage, fire, or explosion and getting battery acid on skin. Incidentally, if you get battery acid on your skin, what to do is to run cold water over the area affected. In addition, the United Kingdom Postal Service has restrictions on the shipping of lead-acid batteries due to their hazardous nature.

The UK postal service, prohibits the mailing of lead acid batteries, with the exception of small, sealed lead acid batteries that are used to power small electronic devices such as cell phones and laptop computers. These batteries must be properly packaged and labelled, and they may only be shipped by surface transportation.

Shipping restrictions

Other carriers, such as Yodel and UPS, also have restrictions on the shipping of lead acid batteries. These carriers may allow the shipment of lead-acid batteries under certain conditions. Before shipping a lead acid battery, it is critical to check with the carrier for their specific requirements, such as proper packaging and labelling.

In general, it is safer to transport lead acid batteries by ground transportation rather than by air, and it is important to follow all safety guidelines and regulations when handling and shipping these batteries.

As a follow-up, the British Government has banned consumers from receiving batteries with a separate battery pack. The only exception to this is if the battery buyer applies for a special licence. Unfortunately, this affects motorcyclists more than any other type of battery user.

Motor Cycle + Battery Acid Advice- New Laws

For those who use poisons and explosive materials at home, the Home Office has released guidelines and new legislation. You may find more information here. One of the compounds that will be regulated as of July 1, 2018 is sulphuric acid, which is often used as the electrolyte in lead-based batteries.
Today, numerous online stores, such as BatteriesOnTheWeb, sell a large number of motorcycle batteries with various battery packs.

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The law says that online stores can’t sell these acid packs with batteries to the general public. If an online business doesn’t follow the rules, they could get a two-year prison sentence. Although pre-filled and charged, batteries can still be supplied or sold by one business to another. If you need help or Motor Cycle + Battery Acid Advice, please contact BatteriesOnTheWeb at 01422410899.