Battery Bad Smells; Just a word of caution.

Battery Bad Smells; Just a word of caution.

Battery Bad Smells; Just a word of caution.

Battery Bad Smells
Heatwave causes battery problems

Like millions of others I have been keeping an eye on the extreme temperatures, now occurring in the Mediterranean countries. Such as Italy, Greece and Spain. Record temperatures are expected to take place across the region.

I was thinking about the poor owners of campervans and motorhomes trying to sleep at night with minimum temperatures not expected to fall below 30oC at night. Consequently the high heat levels can also cause problems for on-board batteries that operate so many of the electrical equipment that is now kept in these vehicles.

This is a problem that recently happened to me on my battery storage solar system. On a very hot sunny day we arrived home from a night out only to find that the house stunk of rotten eggs. This was the same smell that’s emanates from an overcharged lead acid a battery (Battery Bad Smells). The smell is acrid and can affect the back of your throat, making you cough and splutter.

I knew what the problem was and immediately shut of the solar system.

After an hour or so the smell disappeared and sure enough the batteries had overheated and requiring replacement. This is a common thing when charging smaller batteries using the old fashioned battery chargers. The battery overheats and consequently swells as if pregnant.

Eventually the battery can explode due to the gases given off by the chemical reaction. Thankfully todays smart chargers eliminate this by switching themselves off should the battery over charge.

Motorhome Customer Contacted Me

So after starting this article I was contacted by two customers in different parts of the world. One on holiday in Italy and the other in the UK. However both had the same problem! The guy in Italy was unfortunate to be stuck in the historic heatwave. Temperatures were approaching 40oC and not dropping below 30 at night.

I dread to think how anyone can sleep in these conditions. However, he was complaining about the stink of rotten eggs coming from their motorhome on returning from the beech. I concluded that the batteries had indeed overheated and began to boil, hence giving off this dreadful smell of bad eggs. He is at the moment looking to buy two new batteries, and is stuck in Italy.

Battery Bad Smells; Just a word of caution.

The second customer gave a more detailed account of his experience

with overheated batteries. He said that when we entered the caravan, there was a horrible smell, like a stink bomb or rotten eggs. His first move was to open the windows, and the smell went away.

Consequently, he mentioned it to the people next door, who said they had noticed the smell and thought it was the drains of the holiday cottages behind the field. Apparently, they have a cesspit, and the smell occurs on some occasions, especially in hot weather.

The Battery Bad Smells odour returns and appears to be stronger near the van’s front locker. He assumed there was a gas leak. Removed the bottle and placed it outside for safety. However, the odour was still pungent in the locker.

The spare wheel and the battery are the only other items inside. When he attempted to unplugged the Battery Bad Smells, it was too hot to touch. When we took it out and opened the plastic cell covers, there was smoke or steam coming out, which was the source of the foul odour.

It was on the verge of exploding. I shudder to think what could have happened because the battery is so close to the propane bottle. He did admit that as a newbie at this kind of holiday and knew nothing about having to check the battery at regular intervals.

Here is some advice to prevent a possible disaster and explosion emanating from your lead acid battery.

Most leisure batteries now come in the form of AGM batteries. These are sealed and require very little maintenance. Just a clean and a winter charging regime should suffice. As I have recommended in the earlier part of this article buy yourself a smart charger to prevent over-charging and possibly damaging your battery.

On the older type batteries, including some of the Banner range then you will have to check the electrolyte levels regularly.

There are six small plugs on the top of a 12 volt battery that can be removed. There are rows of lead plates inside. These must be covered with electrolyte, a sulphuric acid and water solution. Under normal circumstances the electrolyte evaporates slowly.

However, if the electrolyte level falls below the top of the plates, it can be topped up with distilled water until the level again covers the plates. Electrolytes should be handled with caution because they will burn if they come into contact with the skin.

Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses at all times. If the levels are not replenished, the battery begins to gas, giving off the odour of rotten eggs. Fluid levels should be checked on a regular basis.

Always remember to think safety first when handling batteries and to wear protective gloves and goggles, whenever possible. is the rotten egg smell from a battery dangerous, what do you do when your battery smells like rotten eggs, battery smells like sulphur when charging, how to get rid of battery acid smell, car battery hot and smells, battery smells like sulfur when charging.

Finally, I certainly hope that this information is useful, remember if you smell the rotten eggs then disconnect the batteries and let them cool down.

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