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Battery Delivery Problems-A look at the modern delivery problems

Battery Delivery Problems

Battery Delivery Problems

So, I have decided to write this post following a recent debacle with an online customer. Mr. Smith, let’s call him! Ordered a Varta E44 Battery from this website on a Friday afternoon. Because we offer “next working week delivery this is now due to the COVID-19 crisis”.

Then the battery was packed and sent to our courier, DX,” for the next working day’s delivery. This was to be delivered on Tuesday.

Batteries are not the easiest things to send out online. Generally, they are heavy and cumbersome. However, batteries have always been a passion of mine.

Then it has always been extra work because of careful packaging. However, most of our battery deliveries do arrive at the customer’s residence in tact and on time.

So when the batteries leave us, they are in the hands of our couriers. Car batteries are the most common batteries that we send out by courier. Customers wake up to find that their car won’t start. Importantly, many drivers will look to buy a new battery online.

So, if the replacement battery is ordered at the right time. Then many of our customers will have a new battery delivered the next working day and on time. Enabling the replacement Exide battery to be fitted by the customer.

Delivery could take one to two days!

Consequently, 95% of all our customers will get their replacement battery on time, without any, Battery Delivery Problems. However, there are times when a delay may occur. So, this also corresponds to my own experience. Large and bulky truck batteries and larger leisure batteries are delivered by our own transport. So, we have specified delivery areas in the UK designated for certain days. We always try to deliver these larger batteries within a couple of days.

As it happens, I am the driver who makes these deliveries. Of course, this gives a first-class insight as to what faces the couriers. As a result, I soon discovered that many of our batteries are purchased in rural areas.

Many times, I have struggled to find an address.

Because the postcode can cover a large area. Luckily, I did obtain the customer’s phone number. Enabling me to find their location a bit quicker. However, many of our customers ask to leave a message and don’t call back, causing an extra delay and of course, Battery Delivery Problems.

The house’s lack of a number but presence of a name may result in additional delays. Incredibly, the name of the property is not placed in a visible spot. So, causing the driver to drive up and down narrow country lanes!

Of course, trying to find the correct delivery address These are all delays, and eventually the couriers will take the parcel back to the depot. Most will try to find the address or will know the area well enough to deliver the goods.

UK traffic can also be a problem there were 38.9 million licenced vehicles in Great Britain

Customers will probably know about the Battery Delivery Problems and the “rush hour traffic problems”. So, to try and avoid this, I have to set off South at 4.30 a.m. The other day I started my run at 4.30 a.m. to my first delivery in Basingstoke.

So, our customer had purchased 2 x US 250 deep cycle batteries for his kebab van. Couriers, of course, have to work a normal day. Subsequently having to suffer delays because of the heavy traffic.

We all know how difficult it could be to get around the country due to the UK’s heavy traffic problems. This delays the overnight trucks that take the parcels for delivery to different areas.

So, delaying the next day’s deliveries

Firstly, the trucks get to the hub depot late. Secondly, these delayed parcels then miss that day’s delivery. Lastly, they are delivered on the second day.

Importantly, these delays cause the most problems with deliveries in the far corners of the country. Cornwall and Devon come to mind. So, I would suggest that people buying our battery products allow a couple of days for their battery purchases. Next-working-day delivery is possible but unlikely!

We really do try our best

So to summarise, online battery retailers do a good job! Keeping prices down and offering a wide range of battery products. However, I would advise a customer wanting a battery urgently to look locally. Surprisingly, we do get customers who are completely stressed out!

Because their battery did not arrive until the day after. We genuinely do try our best to do next-working-day delivery. However, because of the modern-day problems of traffic congestion, Then this is getting more difficult to obtain!

As I said earlier, it is the night truckers that now get delayed. especially when delivering the batteries from delivery hubs in other parts of the country. So our Battery Delivery Problems, delivery advice is found on our Delivery Policy/Warranties page. the ev battery supply, portion of the ev battery, downstream portion of the ev, midstream portion of the ev.

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