Battery is Leaking Acid.

Battery Delivery Stories

Battery Delivery Stories

UK travel Battery Guru Eric Roberts

Imagine sweeping hills, castles, and the open road. Add a van of batteries to power the nation. Travel battery expert Eric Roberts is from the UK. He runs an internet battery business that powers everything from your dependable motor to your caravan that’s seen more of the UK than most.

Eric has an exciting journey. He delivers electricity solutions nationwide, like a road trip, but without mementos. Hes’ mission? To ensure you never get stranded without a battery in the Scottish Highlands or on the Cornish coast.

After selling batteries online,

Eric loves the connections and tales each journey delivers. He throws a spark back into your life (literally) and gets to enjoy the UK’s magnificent landscapes and hearty local tales with every delivery.

His days are varied, like his batteries. He can be walking through a little town one day and the next in a bustling city core, meeting people from all backgrounds. The weather varies along with the scenery. Eric has experienced everything from Manchester’s rain to Southampton’s sun, and his van’s boot is always ready.

Eric is a local legend while travelling. Battery Delivery Stories

He doesn’t just drop off a battery; he offers guidance and a listening ear. Eric’s internet battery business stands out with this personal touch. He builds relationships and ensures long-term customer satisfaction, not just sales.

Eric’s computer skills are impressive, despite his love of the road. His SEO skills make his battery-selling websites as visible as a lighthouse at night. This blend of old-fashioned care and modern technology keeps people coming back.

Eric will help you find a car battery

a leisure battery for weekend excursions, or a customised battery. His knowledge and battery stash power him, while he sells energy.

Besides being the ‘Battery Guy’, Eric Roberts is a traveller, storyteller, and internet trusted face. His commitment to delivery (both physical and customer service) means that you’re never far from power in the UK.

The best part? Eric travels the UK with stories and experiences, making him a provider and friend to the open road and its travellers. When you need the UK’s best batteries, Eric’s on the Go will deliver them with a smile and a tale.

Unsurprisingly, accidents do happen ! Battery Delivery Stories

As I have said, breakages can occur if the driver has to brake or corners hard. Thus, the wet, flooded battery can be forced to turn over or slide about. I accidentally ended up with a broken battery in the box.

On balance, our batteries arrive in good condition. So, to help with this, we also wrap the batteries in a heavy-duty polythene bag securely tied. So, occasionally, there will be a slight leak into the polythene bag. Battery acid is a great creeper, and the wetness often looks worse than it actually is.

If this occurs, then check to see if the green light is still working; if so, the battery will be fine. Ordinarily, batteries are filled to the top of the cells ! However, we have known of batteries that were slightly overfilled, causing the bag to get wet.

If you check and notice that the battery box is wet,

I recently had a customer complaint! So, the guy said that all three of his battery purchases had wet boxes. As soon as I heard this, I called the guy and made arrangements to go and exchange the batteries. As my company troubleshooter, I arrived the following day. On arrival, I loaded the suspect boxes onto my van and gave the guy three new batteries. For some reason, he had signed for the batteries, which had wet cardboard boxes!

Fortunately, the guy was happy with our swift service, and I tootled back to our depot in Halifax. Without delay, we opened up the boxes, only to find that the batteries were all in one piece in their well-tied polythene bags. The wet boxes were wet with water, not acid. Concluding that the boxes were wet by some other means and not with any acid.

Early days: Battery Delivery Stories

In the early days, there were certain batteries that would cause the most trouble. To begin with, we sent all sorts of shapes and sizes of batteries out by courier. However, we soon began to realise that certain batteries would be the culprits of breakages. Specifically, taller batteries, which were tall and easily tippled over, This was a double whammy! Because these batteries were made from Trojan and U.S. batteries, they were very expensive.

We overcame the problem by palatising these batteries or, indeed, delivering them in our own delivery vans. Depending on how soon the customer wanted their new batteries, to be truthful, most of our customers are very patient and will wait the extra couple of days for a safe delivery.

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