Battery Electric Fences

Battery Electric Fences

Battery Electric Fences

So, the problem with electric fences is usually their locality. Battery Electric Fences are used to supply the power to the fence wires. On smaller paddocks say on a small holding then the battery that we recommend is the XV24MF leisure battery.

Hello! I was inspired to pass on a tidbit that has really been helping me lately. Are you having trouble with pests or animals marauding your garden or livestock?

If so, consider using electric battery-run fences. A friend of mine told me he was using one of these fences to ward off deer in his garden and I was somewhat uncertain at first. However, after seeing it myself, I was truly amazed at how effective it worked.

I contemplated on giving the idea a try and decided that I should. I logged on to the internet and purchased a Battery Electric Fences system. It didn’t require much work to arrange everything – just the posts, cords, and an energizer operated by a battery.

This aspect was a big advantage since I didn’t have to run any cables from my house. Shortly after installing the system, I discovered a decline in the amount of animals getting around my property.

My chickens have been protected from pesky foxes and my garden is safeguarded from rabbits eating up my plants. It’s made such a positive difference in my life.

I thought I should communicate this information to any of you who have similar issues. Electric battery-powered fencing is worth considering!

Battery Electric Fences
Battery Electric Fences

Battery Powered Electric Fence Charger

There are also battery powered chargers which use 12 volt, batteries. Of course if you use bigger batteries they will increase the voltage and the charge will last longer.  These Battery Electric Fences and chargers will offer less power but certainly great for remote areas where one do not have access to outlet.

Try to keep a backup battery just .rechargeable battery for electric fence

Numax batteries make a special “Fit one Charge one” pack containing 2 x 32 Ah sealed lead acid batteries and a charger. Naturally, this is a great offer. Because, you can always keep one of the batteries on charge. With this in mind the Battery Electric Fences can be changed at regular intervals.

How long will battery last on electric fence?

Customers have also bought there own chargers and set up a system to keep the battery charge topped up whenever needed. So, one of my customers rigged this system up using a “Ecobat” charger in between the mains and the battery. Whenever the battery dropped in power then the charger kicked in and re-charged the battery. In this case it was to keep foxes away from his chickens.

Paddocks have been protected by electric fences for years.

In Canada then electric fences are used to keep bears away from sheep and cattle. Many parts of Europe are plagued by wolves. Especially in mountainous regions such as the Alps. Animals are taken up the mountains in summer time to take advantage of the rich pasture grazing.

Unfortunately, wolves and in some cases bears have become a problem.

Taking advantage of the isolated areas where the animals are grazing. Even here then Battery Electric Fences have been the answer to many a farmers problems.

Battery Electric Fences
Battery Electric Fences

Source: All You Need To Know About Electric Fences

This text shares the story of how the speaker has had success in using electric battery-powered fencing to keep pests and animals away from their garden and livestock. Through the use of battery-operated posts, cords and an energizer, the speaker has seen a decline in the animals around their property, successfully protecting their chickens and garden. The speaker encourages others struggling with similar issues to give the idea a try.

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