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Battery Maintenance Services: Why you should offer battery maintenance services

Battery Maintenance Services

Battery Maintenance Services

The lead-acid battery industry is a £20 billion-a-year business. Of course, hardly anyone ever thinks of it. However, nobody does, and nothing happens until your vehicle doesn’t start.

As a result of battery care. Then car battery manufacturers recommend cleaning metal contact points (posts). Thus, lead-acid batteries are made using baking soda and water. Battery corrosion could be your car won’t start? Of course, you need to do it at least once a month. That is if you want your battery to perform .Consequently, it is at its best for the life of the battery.

Lead acid corrosion on your battery posts could become a huge problem.

Of course, this is just a part of your overall vehicle servicing and general car care. Subsequently, your battery becomes more significant. Because, without care and maintenance, your car could let you down in the most awkward place. A failed battery will happen in the unlikeliest places?

Of course, it is a feeling that most of us drivers have experienced. Hence, you get in your car on a cold winter morning, turn the key, and nothing happens? a dead battery? Most of us have felt that “oh no, not now” feeling at one time or another.

Battery Maintenance Services battery failure number one problem

According to the UK motoring organisations, the AA and the RAC. Then the number one automobile problem is failure to start. Of all cars that don’t start, the primary reason is traced to a lead-acid battery.

battery terminal corrosion is easy to see. Most of us have seen that ugly whitish, greenish, bluish powdery stuff on our battery terminal . So this is a warning sign of an impending, long-term battery failure problem. Get ready when you see it after it forms. Soon, one day, when you need that car of yours to start when you want to go, it won’t.

In the olden days,

drivers kept a jump cable in the car boot. Forward this to today, and most of us don’t carry jumper cables in our cars anymore. Thus, if you are a member of one of the recovery agencies, then you are OK. But if not, it is not a cheap job to have to call out a garage or a mobile mechanic.

Other consumables that are bought by car battery owners are cable clamps that fit on top of the battery post. Actual battery cables, cable ends, and battery cleaning products. As a result, these are consumed every year. Because of a major problem associated with the operational costs of owning a lead-acid battery. Car battery manufacturers recommend cleaning the metal contact points of lead-acid batteries using baking soda and water.

Battery Maintenance Services: cleaner batteries

Over the years, car battery technology has vastly improved. As a result, we no longer get much of the battery post-corrosion that I have previously talked about. Fully sealed, maintenance-free batteries are the norm in today’s modern cars. Screw-top battery lids are not very common now. These were the main culprits for leaking battery acid and making a mess to clean up.

Also, many of these battery care duties are checked out at your local garage.

Hence, when your car has its regular service. This is indeed the thing that Yuasa batteries are saying. At my garage, Pellon Autocentre in Halifax, UK, we now have a portable machine that prints out the condition of your battery. Of course, this is great for your customer. People like to see the result of the test. Rather than just being told that they need a new battery.

GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd has demonstrated the positive business and customer service benefits of testing every battery with a major workshop trial. The battery testing trial, conducted over three summer months, has revealed

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