chicken shed door battery

Battery Operated Chicken Coop Doors

Battery Operated Chicken Coop Doors

Battery Operated Chicken Coop Doors

I thought it was worth doing a post about the Eglu Battery Operated Chicken Coop Doors. So, other blogs that I have written have mainly been about electrifying chicken run fencing.

Of course, to keep out the number one enemy,

“the fox.” All my life I have been involved in raising chickens and keeping them for their eggs. When I was thirteen, I built my first home-made chicken shed and run.

Like most kids in the early sixties, we were relatively poor and had to scrimp and save for money. However, I did have two paper rounds. one in the morning and one in the evening. Helping me save up for things like simple tools and a hammer and nails

My dad was not a handyman, and so he never had any tools that my brother and I could borrow. Coming from a council estate, we did not have much of a garden. Indeed, it was much taken up by my mother’s washing line.

Allotments near by

Fortunately, we had a council allotment near by, and so dad put his name down for one. Eventually, we were allotted our own patch on the allotments which had an old garden shed still standing.

This old shed would turn into a chicken house.

Dad bought me some wire mesh, and we constructed a run. This was to be a lifelong endeavour—keeping chickens. So on and off, all through my life, I have kept my own chickens.

This brings me up to the present day

and my latest dabble with some new equipment and six “Maran point of lay pullets.” My latest inspiration came from last year’s corvid 19 pandemic lockdown.

Like millions of other people, I decided to rekindle a few of my old pastimes. including buying some new chickens and their housing. Fortunately, I am a bit wealthier these days and looked online for some good chicken housing.

Eglu would be my answer

Looking online, I decided to go ultramodern and buy the Eglu chicken coup. As an old-fashioned person, I was not sure at first. In the past, I had always used wooden structures. However, the Eglu with its Battery Operated Chicken Coop Doors, had rave reviews, so I decided to take the plunge and go modern with a plastic-made construction.

The Eglu finally arrived,

and the chicken unit was built by my son Kristian and future son-in-law Dale. Because I had just had a knee replacement, I was unable to participate in the Eglus construction.

Importantly, the Eglu has many add-ons, and one is “Battery Operated Chicken Coop Doors.” This was to be regulated to on and off when the chickens roosted at night and awoke in the morning. This idea was great and was easily set up by my son, Kristian.

All my last chickens had to be locked up and opened manually. meaning that it was difficult to get away for a few days.

The automatic door works perfectly, and it even has an interior light to show the hens where to go in the darkness before the door closes automatically.

Finally, the Battery Operated Chicken Coop Doors closer

is powered by four AA batteries, which are said to last about a year. I highly recommend this fantastic chicken setup, and Eglu also makes pet housing equipment for other pets as well as a plastic beehive!

Sadly my born again obsession for more chickens became short lived.

After a few months we were beginning to get plague with rats. After many attempts to null the problem, the rats were winning and so we decided to sell the whole sheds and chickens to a lady who lived on a small holding. Best battery operated chicken coop doors, Battery operated chicken coop doors near me, Battery operated chicken coop doors for sale, Battery operated chicken coop doors for sale, automatic chicken door uk, plastic chicken coop with automatic door.

In my younger days I would have persevered more! but as I say the rats finally won.

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