Battery Safety Precautions

Battery Safety Precautions

Battery Safety Precautions

In any event, just remember to treat lead-acid batteries with common sense. Of course, when buying, receiving, and fitting your replacement car battery,

So, when receiving your battery from an online purchase, try to carry out the following procedure: Firstly, check the box for any wet patches! It could indicate that the package was tampered with by the courier. We try to use a responsible courier company.

Then do not sign for the battery. So let the courier take it back to the depot. We will endeavour to send you another battery as soon as possible. To summarise and resolve the courier’s breakage, Thus, at a later date,

If the box looks good, then open it in the upright position. Check that the battery you ordered is the correct one, and use the recommended precautions when installing it in your car or any other machine or vehicle.

We strongly advise that you wear eye protection and some old clothing with rubber gloves. As we all know, batteries contain acid, which is very corrosive and can damage your skin and eyes. Care and understanding are all that are required.

Battery Safety Precautions: Be near running water source.

If you do have skin contact with any acid, then wash the area immediately with cold water from a running tap. As I have said, try to wear old clothing when changing your car battery and adhere to the safety precautions.

I would recommend that you remove the battery from the box in an area with, say, a concrete floor, such as your garage. At least open the box on the outside of the house so as not to damage any furniture, should an accident happen and acid be spilled.

A little-known fact about batteries is that there is a remote possibility of an explosion. The battery can give off gases in, say, hot weather or anytime that the battery may overheat. The problem is very rare, and in forty years of selling and charging batteries, I have only seen one battery that exploded. (It did make me jump a little.)

No smoking in the area Battery Safety Precautions-

There should be no smoking or use of electrical equipment that may cause a spark, such as an electric drill or welding equipment. Just don’t expose your battery to any naked light. It is just common sense stuff, and most drivers know all about these precautions.

We are only here to help you, the customer, so if you have any doubt about fitting your battery, then consult a garage or a mechanic to have them install your battery for you. If you live in the Yorkshire area, then a short trip to Pellon Auto Centre in Yorkshire will enable us to fit your battery for no charge.

Finally, just to update, the new kid on the block is “Electric Cars”. These cars run on very high voltages, and special safety restrictions apply when maintenance is required.

Motorcycle batteries bought online-Battery Safety Precautions

motor cycle batteries acid ban
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Importantly, it is not possible to buy a motorcycle battery online. Unless you possess a special EPP licence to purchase the battery including an acid pack.

Sulphuric acid has been categorised

under the 1972 Poisons Act as an explosive precursor. Importantly, in light of recent events and an industry-wide consultation, Chemicals that can be used to make explosives illegally are known as explosive precursors. Without a current EPP license, it is now against the law for members of the public to purchase or possess sulphuric acid with a concentration higher than 15%.

It is prohibited for distributors to sell motorcycle batteries that come with a separate acid pack to members of the public who do not have an EPP licence because the electrolyte supplied with many conventional lead-acid motorcycle batteries contains sulphuric acid in concentrations above 15%.

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