Overcharged Wheelchair Battery Suspected

Solar-Battery Storage Fire Risks

Battery Storage Fire Risks

Battery Storage Fire Risks

Ways to generate green electricity are driving home owners to think about their part in the problem.

Because of this, we are now seeing more and more homes and businesses with solar panels on their roofs. So, solar panels combined with battery storage have become popular as electricity prices continue to rise.

This got me thinking about the extra wiring involved in fitting the panels, as well as my knowledge about batteries overheating and other possible electrical faults that may occur.

In fact, I did have a problem with my battery storage system. On returning home one day, we discovered the house filled with a terrible smell of what can only be described as “bad eggs.”

The whole house stinks! I quickly realised that the smell was coming from the pantry, where our solar storage batteries were situated.

Overheated batteries can be dangerous. Battery Storage Fire Risks

So, I’ve decided that this article is about the chance of a fire starting in the wiring or because the batteries overheated. We all know in the battery trade that batteries do overheat and can, in fact, explode.

This is why we have to take special precautions and wear protective clothing when charging batteries in our battery room.

Solar batteries are charging and discharging

all the time and are a prime candidate for overheating and possibly catching fire, or in the worst case, exploding.

This would be the case for the local fire department. However, all this technology is fairly new, and I wonder if this problem has ever come to fruition. However, it does look like people in the “Institute of Fire Engineers” are also concerned and have published blogs and other information that would be interesting to look at.

These batteries, like my own battery storage system, are simply tucked away and out of sight and mind. It was my own experience that has drawn a line under the matter.

How likely it is that solar panels will start a fire-Battery Storage Fire Risks

In my opinion, the solar panels are less likely to give the home owner problems. However, it has been reported that the wiring behind the panels has caused some fires.

The wiring on solar panels can have the same causes as any other wiring in the home. Panels are especially affected by inverter problems, broken glass, shorting out, and faulty wiring, of course.

Should people tell their insurance companies that they have solar panels or battery banks?

Accordingly, I must say that letting your insurance company know about your particular solar storage system, is the best advice.

Therefore, it is possible that they may increase your premium, because of the added risk. Only you will know about any extra charges when you inform them about your solar system. I suspect that some companies will charge and some will not. As a businessman, I always try to think of the worst-case scenario.

In this case, it would be that a fire causes your house to burn down. This is all relatively new stuff  so we don’t yet know. I was thinking that they may even do a one off visit to inspect your solar system, we just dont know

Is it expensive to get insurance for solar panels and battery banks?-Battery Storage Fire Risks

As householders, we find that insurance companies can be difficult when sorting out a claim. It has just taken three years for our insurance company to sort out a building problem we had on a bathroom wall. In the end, we had to consult the ombudsman for help.

I am saying this because a fire caused by an overheated battery in a battery bank may be impossible to claim in the end.

In the end, its up to the consumer to decide whether they think its worth disturbing their insurance company.

It is a problem for me too, I am still thinking about it, although I have had a brush with some overheated batteries.

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