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Battery Warranties: A Look at Batteries on the Web Warranty Procedure

Battery Warranties

Battery Warranties

Battery Warranties

So, after giving this much thought, I have come up with what I feel is the fairest way to handle our online warranty problems. Because people buy batteries from all over the country, suspected warranties became a problem. The problem is that, back in time, batteries had bad press when it came to being a reliable product.

Older customers have instant resilience when it comes to a problem with a relatively new battery. Many vehicles start off with a pproblemsarting their engines. So, the first thing the car owner does is buy a new battery. Initially, there are many things other than the battery that can cause the car not to be able to start. Alternators area case in mind! Well, before we started selling batteries online, we had a busy battery shop business.

Importantly, this has helped us decipher a battery problem when we are confronted with an irate customer. Consequently, she “cusses and swears”, saying that the new battery we fitted is now faulty. Usually, the new battery is only a couple of weeks old. Of course, the first step is to check the charging system. Including the alternator and the starter motor. So, if all this is tested, then there could be a drain on the car’s electrics, causing the battery to go flat.

Battery gets the blame !

When confronted with a car that won’t start, the first thing a motorist will do is buy a new battery. Importantly, it is a genuine good starting point. Most times, the battery will be the problem. Drivers fit a new battery, and the problem is usually solved. These days, we sell thousands of battery products online. Many of our customers live in rural areas. Therefore, it is relatively easy to order a new battery online. Of course, the problem may come if, in a couple of days or weeks, the car won’t start again.

Usually, the new car battery gets the blame! The first thing the motorist does is contact us, claiming. Angrily, they have a faulty battery, accompanied by a few expletives. Most drivers don’t want to spend money on their cars ! As I have said, there are many reasons that can cause a battery to go flat. Even a brand new battery!

However, the customer is always right. So, our main priority is to help the customer with the problem. One way is to get the battery back to us for testing. Of course, it is a fact that only 2% of modern batteries go faulty. The rest are due to owner neglect due to charging issues or a fault in their vehicle.

Returning a faulty battery can be difficult

Because of the difficulty that many drivers have with boxing and returning a suspected faulty battery. Then I have come up with what I believe is a good and fair remedy. So, the breakdown organisations are very well represented in this country. So, what we say is that you should have the battery tested either at a local garage or by one of the breakdown companies (AA, RAC, or Green Flag).

Just a warning, though! These organisations are companies that have to make a profit! Selling new batteries from their vans is now common practice . From experience, we know that these batteries are sold at a highly inflated price. Customers who are stuck often have no choice but to buy a battery from them. Most garages now test batteries by using electronic testers that give the customer a paper readout.

So, if you suspect a faulty car battery then we will ascertain whether the battery warrants changing under guarantee. Such a battery has been tested in this way, and an image was sent to us. The test looks genuine, so the battery will be replaced under warranty. Generally, the voltage reading will give a good understanding of whether the battery is faulty or not .

below is a voltage guide:

A reading of 12.65–12.77 volts means your battery has a full charge. 12.45-12.54 volts means you have a 75% charge, 12.24-12.29 is 50% charged, and 11.99-12.06 volts is 25% charged. 11.75–11.89 volts means your battery is dead. If we are not happy with the printout reading, then we will ask for the battery to be returned for testing by us.

Battery warranties can be difficult to resolve. I hope that this helps customers overcome the difficulties of establishing whether a battery is faulty or not.

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