Bosch Blue Top battery

Blue Top batteries from Bosch: Eight advantages to the modern car and Four-Year Warranty

Blue Top batteries by Bosch

Blue Top batteries by Bosch

Many of my customers were unaware that Johnson Controls Power Solutions had separated from Johnson Controls International, LLC, to form its own entity, Brookfield Business Partners LP. The brand name is “Clarios.”

Clarios is the owner of the Varta Battery brand. Robert Bosch, a sizable manufacturer of auto parts, is the owner of Bosch batteries. Of course, Varta and Bosch are made in the same factories and, apart from the branding, have the same batteries.

In my area of West Yorkshire, the Blue Top battery by Bosch appears to be more popular than the Varta battery name. Respectfully, then I am not sure why this is. The old car parts wholesaler “Andrew Pages” was a big seller of Bosch car parts, and this would have included the battery side of things.

Varta batteries, on the other hand, begin their lives in the largest quantities in the original equipment car market. In fact, 154 million Varta batteries were installed in new vehicles worldwide in 2019. In my opinion, a staggering amount of batteries

This meant that 80% of production cars could run on a Varta battery.

As I have said, the battery companies used to come under the umbrella of Johnson Controls, which at the time was probably the world’s largest battery company. Consequently, Bosch batteries come in three different qualities. The silver top came in last, then the Blue Top battery by Bosch and the black top. Of course, they are exactly the same as Varta battery products.

A couple of years ago, we were proud to have been appointed part of the Bosch battery dealership. Henceforth, I am here in the Halifax area of the UK. So, we have been selling the popular Bosch battery product alongside our other key battery brands. Including Apollo-Power batteries, Lucas batteries, Numax batteries, Trojan batteries, Odyssey batteries, and American batteries, of course.

Here in Halifax, we find the midrange Blue Top battery to be the most popular Bosch battery to sell and stock. The Bosch Blue has a powerful energy source for a safe and first-time start on those cold mornings and also fulfils the increased electrical equipment demands of popular cars. Also, covering 97% of the market helps meet the individual requirements of Asian-imported vehicles.

Bosch Blue Top Batteries: Four Years of Power for Your Vehicle.

Let’s have a word about what’s going on inside your car, and no, I don’t mean the engine. I’m talking about the battery, the unsung hero of the road. Not just any ordinary battery, mind you; I’m specifically referring to the Bosch Blue Top Battery. You may imagine having the muscle of Geoff Capes in your engine bay at the turn of a key with this battery.

If you’re thinking, “It’s just a battery; what’s the fuss?” Blue Top batteries by Bosch

The Bosch Blue Top isn’t your average battery, so hold on to your hats. There is a fantastic four-year guarantee on this small belt. That’s four years! The warranty period for this battery is roughly equivalent to the length of a university education.

How does that benefit your tyres specifically? If Bosch is prepared to risk their last Rolo on the promise that their Blue Top will not fail them while at sea, then you can be assured that it will serve you well. It’s the sort of peace of mind that’s as soothing as a coffee and a biscuit after you’ve just come in from the cold.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, though: why is the Bosch Blue Top the battery of choice?

To begin with, it has a harder texture than a two-pound steak. It’s built to withstand the wear and tear of daily driving, so you can tackle those speed bumps without a second’s hesitation. In addition, it has a great deal of durability. When everyone else has given up, this battery will keep going.

Now, you could be a bit of a speed demon or someone who likes to take their time on the way to the neighbourhood carvery on a Sunday. The Blue Top batteries by Bosch is prepared to go in either direction. Its great performance means that it can cope with a lot of devices running at once. This battery will power your navigation system, stereo system, and headlights without fail.

How about that warranty that lasts for four years?

To paraphrase Bosch, “We’ve got your back.” This battery guarantees to keep your vehicle running as smoothly as a jazz saxophonist on a weekend night.

No one enjoys fumbling around with jumper cables first thing in the morning, trying to revive a dead car. Thankfully, such prehistoric times are extinct alongside the Blue Top batteries by Bosch. You’re more likely to see your car fail to start in an EastEnders cliffhanger than in real life, thanks to its consistent starting power.

So, if you fancy a battery that’s got more staying power than your gran at a bingo marathon, the Bosch Blue Top is the way to go. It’s solid and sturdy, and it’s always up for a fight. You can hit the road with confidence knowing Bosch is in the passenger seat, as a four-year warranty vouchs for its durability.

With the Bosch Blue Top, your car’s electrical system has a healthy heart.

A battery is more than simply a box of sparks; it’s the beating heart of your vehicle. It is the first step on any path, the heartbeat of any song, and the inciting incident for any exciting new experience. Don’t hesitate; upgrade your car to its proper horsepower and drive away. Bosch Blue Top is the long-lasting battery that will outlast your passion for driving.

Blue Top batteries by Bosch

  1. Advantages of the Blue Top battery S4
  2. Probably 15% higher than standard car-batteries
  3. 20% higher service life thanks to innovative Power Frame technology
  4. For all vehicle classes
  5. Reliably guarantees the energy needed for an average number of electrical consumers (electric windows, radio, and air conditioning).
  6. Meets permanently the high demands made by international car manufacturers in electrical terms (A, Ah)
  7. Mostly suitable for Asian vehicles
  8. Covers 97% of the market

Especially relevant is the Bosch Blue Top battery.

Like its sister battery, the Varta Blue Top battery comes with a four-year manufacturer’s warranty. Naturally, a qualified battery technician must test the battery. The technician will test and check the status of the battery. determining whether the battery is faulty or not. Many batteries come back to us as faulty, including the Blue Top batteries by Bosch. Unfortunately, when recharged and tested, the suspected faulty batteries were found to be in good condition. The confused owner has to start looking at other possible problems.

We here at Batteriesontheweb, the battery selling arm of Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK, are official Bosch battery dealers for the Halifax area.



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