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Battery Fire Risks- Recalls plug-in hybrid models – Garagewire

Battery Fire Risks

Battery Fire Risks
Lithium-ion Battery Related Fires

Battery Fire Risks

So, this is not the first time that I have heard this sort of thing! Of course BMW are not alone. Not too long ago the Ford Kuga was also suffering a similar battery fire risk recall on the Kuga PHEV models. Surprisingly, there appears to be a problem with metallic debris entering the batteries during the battery production. Causing the batteries to short out when charging is taking place. Thus causing fires.

Readers of the attached article can see exactly which BMW cars are affected by this problem.

Additionally, the article also highlights the potential dangers associated with Battery Fire Risks, emphasising the importance of addressing this issue promptly.

It is crucial for car manufacturers to prioritise the safety of their customers and take the necessary measures to prevent such incidents. The recall serves as a reminder for all car owners to stay informed about potential risks and promptly respond to any safety concerns.

As a result, car manufacturers are under increasing pressure to improve the safety standards of their vehicles and ensure that potential risks are identified and addressed before they escalate.

The recent recalls by BMW and Ford Kuga highlight the importance of quality control and rigorous testing procedures in the production of batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles.

It is imperative for the industry to collaborate

and share information to prevent similar incidents in the future. By prioritizing safety and implementing stringent measures, car manufacturers can instill confidence in their customers and promote the widespread adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Strangely, it could be an expensive fix for BMW. Accordingly, it could well be that the batteries will be changed altogether! Of course, this is a very expensive fix. Recently, the fire problem has become more common in electric cars and hybrids.

car on fire

Battery technology is still in its relative infancy with lessons still to be learned.

Hybrid cars to seam to be the preferred choice when upgrading to the new technologies. However in my humble opinion these vehicle will only be part of the big picture when it comes to the consumers choice. Also the present Covid 19 pandemic will hit the pockets of motorists for years to come. Slowing down governments rush towards greener electric cars. Consumer will not be buying many new cars due to financial restraint.

Accordingly, this will affect the mad dash towards electric vehicle. In a recent report, then the price of second hand cars has rocketed. Drivers are keeping their old petrol and diesel cars for some time to come. New car production will tumble including the electric models.

Finally this is only my opinion, because of the pandemic then we will be still selling the old fashioned lead acid batteries for some time to come.

Global recall on certain models

As a result of financial constraints, consumers are likely to reduce their purchases of new cars, which will inevitably impact the growing trend towards electric vehicles. Recent reports indicate a steep increase in the prices of used cars.

Consequently, many drivers are opting to keep their existing petrol and diesel cars for an extended period. This decrease in demand for new cars is expected to affect production, including that of electric models.

Additionally, in my opinion, due to the ongoing pandemic

, we can anticipate continued sales of traditional lead-acid batteries for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, there has been a global recall issued for specific car models.

BMW has issued a global recall of all of its plug-in hybrid models due to concerns that a battery fault could pose a fire risk. The recall affects petrol-electric versions of the 3, 5 and lithiumion battery fires are happening, risks of lithiumion batteries, lithiumion batteries and why, should lithiumion batteries.

Source: BMW recalls plug-in hybrid models over battery fire risk – Garagewire

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