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Boat Batteries Contribution: Small Boats Contribute To Water Pollution?

Boat Batteries Contribution

Boat Batteries Contribution
Boat Batteries Contribution

Boat Batteries Contribution

Of course, boating can be an environmental nightmare. So, contaminating our waterways, rivers, and canals with a mixture of petrochemicals and other pollutants. Consequently, into the waterways we all love and some of us relax on. Of course, the toll it takes on marine wildlife and ecosystems can be extremely devastating ! accidentally spilling even a small amount of oil, diesel, or gas. significantly contaminates acres of water. So, poisoning bird life, water plants, including shellfish beds.

Meanwhile, the annual maintenance

of boats includes the use of hull paint! Hence, leach copper and other toxins into the water. Inexperienced boat owners also use incorrectly incorrect contaminating soaps and other cleaning solutions. Of course, not to mention the improper discharge of on-board sewage holding tanks. Naturally toxic to aquatic life as well.

According to the non-profit Oceana. Then, being careful not to spill during refuelling seems trivial ! But it could save the lives of marine wildlife nearby. Naturally, due to the design of the boats. Impractical two-stroke engines lose up to 30 percent of their fuel right into the water. Subsequently, they are about a third less fuel-efficient overall than their newer, four-stroke counterparts.

Where do batteries fit into this?

So what type of boat batteries should we be uusing?It depends on the pollution risk. Basically, I am talking about the difference between screw-top batteries and sealed batteries. Especially seagoing vessels. Where the conditions can get rough. So, battery strength is imperative. However, battery manufacturers cannot make the battery casing much stronger and more rigid. Of course, to protect against any breaking with the potential loss of acid into the ocean.

In my opinion, sealed AGM batteries are the answer.

Batteries such as Exide and Lucas AGM batteries are ideally suited for this purpose. Both of these brands are sealed and can be fitted into any position. So, making it possible to squeeze the batteries into any small compartment !

Earth Talk readers are looking for environmentally friendly watercraft.

Source: Do Small Boats Exist That Won’t Contribute To Water Pollution? – The Good Men Project

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