Bosch battery Garden Machine Tools

Bosch battery Garden Machine Tools

Bosch battery Garden Machine Tools

I must confess to having owning a couple of Bosch battery Garden Machine Tools. However they were recently stolen by intruders who wiped out all my tools, including my bee-keeping outfit! Consequently, the tools were replaced by the insurance company, who gave me different brands.

Ingenious electronically commutated (EC) motors

Incidentally, can be found inside the battery-powered lawn tools manufactured by Bosch. These electric motors are distinct from traditional electric motors in that they do not generate the same amount of heat or friction. Resulting in a considerable increase in their operating life. While simultaneously reducing the amount of maintenance that is required.

The batteries that give power to the motors are of equal significance to the motors themselves. When compared to tools. Hence, that use conventional brush motors, the 36V/6.0Ah lithium-ion batteries provide up to a 30% improvement in the amount of runtime that can be obtained from a single battery charge. In addition, they are sealed so that they are resistant to the elements.

In addition, in order to avoid overheating. The one-of-a-kind Cool Pack technology developed by Bosch makes use of aluminium cooling fins. Its heat-dissipation technology helps to maintain optimal conditions. Hence, which in turn serves to extend the battery’s life by an additional 50%. So, laborious and time-consuming errands can be effortlessly completed. Of course, without the need to stress about the state of the battery charge.

Having said that, Bosch batteries are also capable of rapid charging, reaching 80% of their capacity in just thirty minutes and reaching their full capacity in just forty-two minutes (with the Bosch CV Professional Charger).

The fact that you can use the same Bosch batteries. Of course, for any and all of the gadgets in the Bosch battery-powered garden tool line is yet another amazing advantage of purchasing these instruments. You may switch between jobs and tools as needed without any hassle thanks to this approach, which is satisfyingly uncomplicated.

Bosch battery Garden Machine Tools
Bosch battery Garden Machine Tools

Horticulture and landscaping tools designed and built for professionals.

Battery-powered tools from Bosch are expanding the company’s reach into the world of professional horticulture and landscaping. Bosch battery Garden Machine Tools, is already well-known as one of the main leaders in the industry when it comes to garden tools, and the company is putting its knowledge to use in these fields.

As a part of this strategy. Bosch battery Garden Machine Tools, have introduced the GFR 25 and GFR 42. So, which are commercial-quality brush cutters, as well as the GRA 48 and GRA 53, which are professional-grade battery lawnmowers.

They provide a cutting performance that is as exact and effective as that of a petrol machine. Hence, with the GRA 48 being able to mow up to 1400 m2 an hour and the GRA 53 being able to mow up to 1500 m2 an hour. The brush cutters include a handle section that is ergonomically designed and is well-balanced; this combination allows for increased manoeuvrability while reducing the likelihood that muscles would become fatigued after long workdays.

The use of cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology. So, ensures that the results produced by these devices are of a consistently high professional standard. They do not produce any noise or fumes and have minimal vibration levels, making them simple to operate and making them an excellent choice for use in densely populated urban and residential locations.

I must admit that my gardening days are getting shorter. To the extent that I now hire a guy to cut my grass every two weeks.

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