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Bosch Blue Top battery: Eight advantages to the modern car

Bosch Blue Top battery

Bosch Blue Top battery
Bosch Blue Top battery

Bosch Blue Top battery

Of course, Varta and Bosch are sister companies. The battery companies come under the umbrella of  Johnson Controls, probably the world’s largest battery company. Bosch batteries come in three different qualities: black top, blue top, and Silver top, the same as Varta batteries.

We are proud to have been appointed the Bosch battery dealer here in the Halifax area of the UK. We will be selling the popular Bosch battery product alongside our other brands; these include Apollo-Power batteries, Lucas batteries, Numax batteries, Trojan batteries, Odyssey batteries, and American batteries, of course.

Here in Halifax, we find the Blue Top battery to be the most popular Bosch battery to sell and stock. The Bosch Blue has a powerful energy source for a safe and first-time start on those cold mornings and also fulfils the increased electrical equipment demands of popular cars. Also, covering 97% of the market helps meet the individual requirements of Asian imported vehicles.

Bosch Blue Top battery

  1. Advantages of the Blue Top battery S4
  2. Probably 15% higher than standard car-batteries
  3. 20% higher service life thanks to innovative Power Frame technology
  4. For all vehicle classes
  5. Reliably guarantees the energy needed for an average number of electrical consumers (electric windows, radio, and air- conditioning).
  6. Meets permanently the high demands made by international car manufacturers in electrical terms (A, Ah)
  7. Mostly suitable for Asian vehicles
  8. Covers 97% of the market

Especially relevant, the Bosch Blue Top battery, like its sister battery

Four years the Varta Blue top battery comes with a four-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, a qualified battery technician must test the battery. The test will validate the status of the battery and ascertain whether it is faulty or not. Many batteries come back to us as faulty, including the Bosch Blue Top battery.

Consequently, when re-charged and tested

the batteries are found to be in good condition, and the owner has to start looking at other possible problems.

We here at Batteriesontheweb, the battery selling arm of Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK, are official Bosch battery dealers for the Halifax area.

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