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Bosch Versus Varta-These Batteries are the same products-made by Brookfield Business Partners LP

Bosch Versus Varta

Bosch Versus Varta
Bosch Versus Varta

Bosch Versus Varta: Although many professionals in the battery trade are aware, the public is not?

Both Varta and Bosch batteries are made in the same factory. coincidentally, by the same employees of Brookfield Business Partners LP. Brookfield Business Partners LP is probably the world’s largest battery maker. Particularly the lead-acid battery type. Of course, we fit the majority of today’s vehicles.

The 096 Varta Black batteries, the E 13, are the same as the 067 S 3008 Bosch Black Top batteries. Both batteries are 70 A and 640 CCA. The 096 Varta Blue Top batteries are the E11. Which is the same as the 096 Bosch Blue Top S4008. Both batteries are 74 amps at 680 CCA.

This carries on through the range of batteries. Bosch Versus Varta

because the black, blue, and silver top batteries have exactly the same specs as each other. Both makes of these batteries are made of the same top-quality materials. They are sealed and made of calcium and calcium plate technology. Although they are free-flowing lead-acid batteries, a higher quality is now available for use in start-stop technology cars.

Most new car models now come with start-stop systems. Therefore, a battery that can withstand deeper cycling, such as an AGM battery, has to be used. For some reason, the part numbers for both of these battery brands differ when it comes to the Silver AGM battery range.

Bosch Versus Varta

The G14 Varta Silver 017 AGM battery. Bosch Versus Varta

is numbered as SSA13 019 Bosch Silver AGM, although both batteries have the same specifications of 95 amps and 850 CCA. Is this very strange?

Johnson Controls’ previous owners went on a European spending spree. So, buying out battery manufacturers to add to their portfolio The giant American company bought Hoppecke batteries. who at the time supplied batteries to the Mercedes-Benz car company in Germany. At a similar time, they acquired the Swedish battery maker, Optima Batteries AB.

VartaBosch batteries have been manufacturing quality batteries since the early 1990s. It does seem strange to me, though, that both of these battery companies Importantly, we are making the same product, but who am I to argue?

Both Bosch Versus Varta battery companies have different distribution systems. But the pricing is strangely similar. Battery consumers who want a quality battery should shop around. Of course, you can choose either Bosch or Varta. Of course, since they really are the same product.

2023-Bosch Versus Varta-update

Finally, as an update, the new “stop-start” technology batteries are available in EFB and AGM. Of course, from both Bosch and Varta. Moving forward to 2023, nothing has really changed between Bosch and Varta. So, Varta now makes up a large proportion of the Bosch car battery range.

Some leisure and truck batteries are made by other manufacturers, but most of the car batteries remain the same.

It is claimed that Varta and Bosch batteries do not require any maintenance throughout the entirety of their useful lives. This is because the amount of water that is consumed is relatively low, which prevents the battery from being overworked and corroded.

Additionally, twin-backfire protection is built into every single one of Bosch’s batteries. The main objective of the design is to protect the battery from any sparks that result from this.

Because every battery is constructed with a battery cover that is hermetically sealed, the battery acid cannot escape the battery under any circumstances, not even when the battery is being transported or when it is inverted.

I have recently discovered that Exide batteries have also a part to play when it comes to a collaboration with making Bosch batteries. Although this is mainly in South America and the USA.

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