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Canal Boat Battery Deliveries

Canal Boat Battery Deliveries
Canal Boat Battery Deliveries

Canal Boat Battery Deliveries

Sometimes it is difficult to think of things to write about! especially when writing about a singular subject such as batteries. Of course, batteries are used for many things in this modern world of technology. In general, though, the old, reliable lead-acid battery still prevails.

Lead-acid batteries were first invented over a hundred years ago and are still extensively manufactured and used.

In fact, with the advent of new, clean energy, battery storage is a growing market, primarily driven by solar panels and wind turbines. So increasing canal boat battery deliveries.

Another key point is the growing popularity

Hence, caravans and motorhomes Leisure batteries are also a growth area, including batteries for canal boats. Just the other week, I read that there were an estimated 33,000 canal and river boats in the UK.

With this in mind, battery manufacturers such as Numax Batteries have started to market this product. especially aimed at the canal and river vessel market.

Canal Boat Battery Deliveries
Canal Boat Battery Deliveries

You may be wondering what this has to do with deliveries. Well, due to the fact that my battery business has grown in recent years, canals and canal boats have become popular delivery points.

As a result of boat owners buying more than one battery, it became increasingly difficult for our couriers to get to difficult parts of the country.

People with river craft were buying, say, four batteries and receiving only three or one that was broken. So the only thing that we could do was begin our deliveries by using our own vans.

Because of this, we can now deliver our batteries all over the country. Including out-of-the-way locations where boat mariners are usually found.

This service has been very successful, and we have cut down on many courier problems. Including breakages and lost batteries.

Of course, we are insured. But the problem we were having was the time involved, which was embarrassing. When our customers told us of such non-delivery or breakage problems,

However, this is now in the past. Because we deliver in our own transport. Making sure that all the batteries ordered by the boat owners arrive safely and in good order.

London canal boat delivery.

In fact our latest delivery was to guy who owned a boat moored at  “Rickmansworth waterways trust” just off the river Thames in North London. So, the guy had bought 9 x 110Ah leisure batteries. As a “Jack of all trades” then this was a job for me.

Without delay, I started my journey from my beloved Yorkshire at 5am in the morning. After a good run down the M1 motorway(for a change) I arrived at the guys location about 9am 4 hours later.

As usual I had a chat with the the boat owner, noticing that he had a clear Northern accent.

Consequently, I did ask him where he had originated from. “Dewsbury,” he replied ! Wow ! This is where I was born and lived for many years.

Originally, this guy had travelled to London on a teacher training course when he was just 18 years old. So, during the course, he met a girl who then became his wife.

Living in London ever since. A fascinating story and one of the many interesting people I meet on my canal boat battery deliveries throughout the UK.

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