Car Batteries for Solar Storage

Car Batteries for Solar Storage

Car Batteries for Solar Storage
Car Batteries for Solar Storage

Car Batteries for Solar Storage

So, when people want to start a solar battery storage system, of course, they will use car batteries. Naturally, it stands to reason. So, for a start, they are easily accessible and cheap to buy. Importantly, lead-acid car batteries are made to start your car. especially on that cold winter morning.

So, batteries used in cars have different types of lead cells

. Consequently, the lead plates used for car batteries are thin and perforated. So, giving a bigger surface area means more power, especially when starting the car’s engine.

Importantly, it was not too long ago (in my lifetime) that cars had batteries. including early mobility vehicles and early campervans and caravans. However, they failed prematurely. This type of battery was perhaps the only one on the market! because the car battery was the only option at the time.

Batteries with thicker plates are required ?

Soon, battery makers saw that batteries used for leisure activities could be used to make money. So, batteries were specially developed. naming them “leisure batteries.” Soon, it will become very popular. So, with special labels and thicker lead plates Of course, for the purpose of being able to store more power.

So, people started using car batteries and leisure batteries for solar storage. Many soon found out, due to their cost, that these batteries did not last very long. Deep cycle,

semi-traction batteries, and AGM batteries

were to be developed by the battery makers. The majority of battery manufacturers now produce deep-cycle batteries. Here at, we recommend Lucas AGM, Exide, and U.S.batteries for this purpose.

These manufacturers all make flooded lead-acid

and AGM deep-cycle batteries. So, which are ideal for solar storage? Finally, the proper battery will be constructed with much larger, pure lead-thin plates. Consequently, giving the batteries a deep-cycle capability for your solar storage needs

So to bring this page up to date in 2020, the same type of AGM batteries are now used on stop-start cars.