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Car batteries stolen from a garage forecourt in Ludlow – Sunshine Radio

Car batteries stolen

Car Batteries Stolen

Car Batteries Stolen
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Oh boy, let me tell you about a trend that’s hitting our streets, and I’m afraid it’s not the kind you want to see. Have you ever pondered the reason behind a friend’s or neighbour’s inability to start their car in the morning?

There is a good chance that the rising tide of Car Batteries Stolen, has taken advantage of them. You did hear me correctly, I assure you. It is occurring at an alarmingly high frequency, and we need to have a conversation about it.

Why, then, are car batteries such an attractive target for thieves? To begin, these little ones are not inexpensive, but their resale values are very alluringly high.

This is the real deal,

Because of this, they are in high demand for Car Batteries Stolen, on the underground market. Second, they can be obtained with a minimum of effort. A skilled thief can disconnect a car battery from its terminals in a matter of minutes. And don’t even get me started on how quickly they can erase all traces of their existence without leaving a trail.

However, here’s the kicker:

So, the vast majority of people don’t even realise that their battery has been stolen until they attempt to start their vehicle. Because of this, the criminals have plenty of time to make a hasty getaway. Isn’t that a crafty approach?

So, what are your options? Now, however, a number of automobile manufacturers are raising their game by putting into place more stringent safety precautions in order to safeguard the battery. At long last, right? I’m getting here a little bit late, but I suppose it’s better than never.

Locks, alarms, and even tracking systems

Of course, they are currently being developed for use specifically with automotive batteries. It is high time that we stopped reacting after the fact and started being proactive about this matter.

Even local communities are banding together and setting up neighbourhood watches in an effort to apprehend those responsible for the Car Batteries Stolen. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not just about a battery; it’s about the safety of your property and the peace of mind you enjoy.

What is the upshot?

This is not a trivial matter that can be ignored. This is a growing problem that is robbing people of more than just their Car Batteries Stolen; rather, it is robbing them of their sense of security. Therefore, let us be on the lookout, shall we?

Now you know,

Ladies and gentlemen! The inside scoop on the reason why the theft of car batteries has reached epidemic proportions Maintain your safety, and make sure those batteries are locked up!

So there’s nothing worse than showing up to open your business first thing in the morning. Subsequently, you know that something is wrong, but you don’t notice it at first.

Of course, it has probably happened to many homes and businesses!

A broken window, smashed-in door or even a hole in the roof where thieves have broken in. Unfortunately, it has happened to my business a couple of times.

Nothing much was stolen! We have always given priority to a good burglar alarm system. In my opinion, CCTV is also a good deterrent. Especially if you have things that are left outside. In this case, I think that the sales cars were left outside.

More at risk when parked outside

Garages are particularly vulnerable to this type of attack. So, at one time, thieves would jack up cars and steel wheels. However, this has now become more difficult with the locking wheel nuts that are now fitted to car wheels. Car batteries now have a good recycling value and are targets of theft. Also, catalytic converters have been targeted by thieves because of there high value and the fact that they contain precious metals.


There have been a few garages in the south of England that have had all their car batteries stolen. Because car batteries can now be of EFB and AGM technology, each battery can be worth upwards of £150. However, I still think it is the scrap value that they are after. Sadly, the only answer would probably be to lock your sales cars away every evening. Otherwise, the cars would be susceptible to an attack on the scrap market.

Police are appealing for information after 13 cars had their batteries stolen overnight from a garage forecourt in Ludlow. insurance cover a stolen battery, car insurance cover a stolen, stealing car batteries, rise in san francisco.

Source: Car batteries stolen from a garage forecourt in Ludlow – Sunshine Radio

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