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Car Battery Buying- Some simple advice and my take on a consumer report?

Car Battery Buying

Car Battery Buying
Car Battery Buying

Car Battery Buying advice

So, buying a car battery can be easy or difficult. Many emails ask us the question, what car battery do I need. Of course it depends on many factors. Naturally, like many other things in life, then some people know what they doing and others do not.

Another frequently asked question is, how long can a car battery last without the engine on. Car batteries are consumable goods and were out after a length of time. Just like anything else that is made for your home and car. So, to be truthful then the regular car battery realy does pretty well.

Batteries for new car owners

Especially, from the time that you buy a new car. New car batteries will probably last the owner about five years. So, any time after this period then the battery could fail. MY advice when changing your battery for the first time. Would be to replace the old one with the best match possible new battery. We generally find that drivers who buy a new car,keep up with a servicing regime.

Of course this tends to wear off when the car gets a little older. Significantly, servicing your car is important. Most established garages will check you battery when having a service carried out. battery checks are one of the items on most servicing schedules. So, if it is found that your car battery is failing then the garage will report this back to you.

We find that our customers will respond to this and usually purchase a new car battery. Of course this will save them with the problem of their old battery letting them down ! usually in an unappropriated place !

Drivers of what we call “luxury cars”, should always take heed of such advice. Of course this applies to all car drivers, but most cars are now fitted with on-board computers.

Not to put too finer detail on this but have a good battery is now paramount. Because of the emission controls and the in car entertainment systems. Each new model that comes out seems to be upgraded in electrics. Giving even more importance for car battery buying advice.

Batteries for older cars

So, in my opinion these cars are the “bread and butter” cars that most drivers use and own. Battery purchases from this sector cover a wide range of options. Specific advice is difficult to give this sector without asking a few questions. For this reason, customers are very diverse in their choice of replacement batteries. To be truthful its not all about price ! Although this is a major factor to many motorists !

Fortunately, we have two gateways that drivers can buy their battery from. Surprisingly, both methods produce similar results, in the consumers choice of battery. Firstly, we sell batteries in house at our garage here in Halifax UK. Of course we also fit the Exide batteries and Varta car batteries here. Secondly, we sell car batteries online through our E-bay store and our regular web-site.

Here are the different customer preferences-

  1.  Is of course the price. Consequently, we have to make sure that we can offer  good quality battery at a competitive price. So in our case this is the ApolloPower green label range of car batteries.
  2. Trust. Trust in our pricing and service allows the customer to ask us for a replacement battery. Knowing that we will fit a quality product at a competitive price. This applies in-house more often than not ! To be sure of quality then we prefer to fit Banner car batteries and Lucas car batteries.
  3. On line then consumers will mostly make their own choice. In fact the diversity of the customers choice is sometimes staggering. Especially on E-bay ! People mainly buy the top brands that we offer. Including the Varta battery range, Bosch battery range and  again ApolloPower premium batteries.

However,this is a very in-depth report and some good consumer advice. Consumers should look for a few of the above pointers when buying a new car battery?

Just to reiterate !

These days, the price is not everything. The market for car batteries is split into two camps. Firstly, the price and the people who know what they are looking for. Secondly, the drivers who know what they are looking for. Of course this can also be split up.

Some drivers go for a certain brand of battery. As previously stated. Here in the UK, the most popular brands are Banner, Lucas, Varta and Bosch car batteries. People know these names are prepared to pay a higher price for better quality.

Not wanting to repeat myself, consumers know that the better-known brands are more reliable. Here at our head office in Halifax Yorkshire, UK we also fit the batteries for the call in drivers. We find that we are very highly trusted, with our warranties and people will have our own brand, ApolloPower. In my opinion this car battery buying trend can be replicated all over the world.

Differently, in the USA the car batteries market is much larger.

Consequently, batteries are sold by many of the giant retailers such as Walmart. Battery brands are sourced and fitted out with the stores own brand names. Expressly, the warranties on these car batteries are trusted by the consumer, who often ask is car battery covered under warranty.

This original article is certainly worth taking a look at. In my opinion, though it goes into too much technical jargon to affect a car battery buying decision by a member of the public.

I think that I have covered most things whilst trying to keep things simple. Customers can always ask by phone or emails and we will be only too willing to help them with our advice. Final warning ! watch out to make sure that your car is not a “Start-Stop” vehicle fitted with AGM batteries or EFB batteries ?

Now in 2022 we are selling the popular Banner car battery range with great success.

Car Battery Buying advice

One good thing in the report highlights the difficulty in actually testing a lead acid battery. It actually says” Our battery-life test is based on a standard adopted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Our test includes partially draining and then recharging each battery almost 3,000 times over a 15-week period”. We can test a lead acid battery one day and the following day we can get completely different results.

After all, this though the consumer should choose a supplier that they can trust and has been trading for a number of years and can be trusted with the warranty, should the battery go faulty.


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