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Looking at Recent: Car Battery Development

Car Battery Development

Car Battery Development
Car Battery Development

Car Battery Development

Significantly, it’s not “rocket science” to know how important the battery is to your much-loved car. Crucially, your car’s battery needs to be in tip-top condition! Of course, to start your car and work on all the electrical equipment.

So, even more so in recent times. Because of strict emission laws, on-board computers were introduced. Of course, to control all the different components needed to mix the fuel and air. Thus reducing the vehicle’s emissions.

So, modern cars have a wealth of electrical equipment on board. Normal electronics include the lighting and the car’s radio equipment. More recently, most cars are equipped with cooling equipment. When I was a young man, we had to wind down the window on a hot, sunny day! Now 90% of cars are fitted with their own air-con system

I must admit that I am not a fan of air conditioning systems!

Believe it or not, I still lower the window to cool down the cab, as my old car does not have Air-conditioning!. Vehicles are also fitted with alarm systems. Alarm systems are one of the main culprits draining power from your battery. Especially if your battery is nearing the end of its life. So, a drain from the electrics will gradually wear your cars battery down.

Moving forward to more recent times, the “Hybrid “car models were introduced.

Of course, these cars are going a step further when it comes to lowering emissions. These vehicles only emphasise the importance of a good battery. Stronger batteries were required to operate the highly complicated electric systems. Controlled by the on-board computer.

These computers have to control the electronics in the whole car’s system. Including older technologies such as new electronically aided braking systems, which are now used. Car manufacturers linked together with battery manufacturers to find a battery capable of dealing with a much higher charging rate.

AGM battery development: – Car Battery Development

 So, AGM batteries (absorbed glass matting) have been around for some time. Primarily used on leisure vehicles! Then this would be the battery technology to use in the new hybrid cars. Many cars also now require a second battery. This secondary battery is known as the “auxiliary battery”. Importantly, this battery acts as a backup battery for the main battery. In case the main battery develops a fault.

Also, many new standard-fuel cars are fitted with “stop-start” systems. Of course, the engine must be switched on and off when the car comes to a standstill. Therefore, these vehicles are fitted with a stronger AGM battery. Also, another new battery type was developed, the EFB battery. Of course, this stands for “enhanced flooded battery”.

It is very similar to a normal flooded lead-acid battery but fitted with stronger plates. Giving this battery more power to cope. especially with the constant engine switching on and off on the “stop-start” vehicle. I hope this article is of good use to my readers. New battery technologies are getting very difficult to explain. I hope this helps.

Many battery companies are now using scientific data to analyse future battery development.

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