Battery is Leaking Acid.

Car battery Handling-handling them on arrival

Car battery Handling

Car battery Handling

So, the first thing I would like to point out is battery weight! people who use heavy batteries regularly. Such canal boat owners or people that service and hire “cherry pickers”, know what I am talking about. These larger batteries can weigh well over 35 kg each.

New heavy battery policy

To be truthful, this was just part of our evolution as an online battery company. As a result, we soon realised that heavy and valuable batteries were often damaged by the couriers. Whichever company we used, we were getting a large percentage of our heavy batteries broken.

Many of the Bosch and Banner ranges of leisure batteries and truck batteries are in the heavy weight division. So, what we do now is send these out on our own transport. At the same time as receiving an order for one of these batteries. Then we scan our website orders and make a delivery run in the same area. This ensures that large and expensive orders get to there destination safely.

Of course, if the batteries that we are handling are really heavy, then our driver is there, handy with a “sack cart,” to help carry and distribute the batteries in one piece safely. Given these points, this has drastically reduced the number of delivery problems for the courier companies. Resulting in much less cost, but most of all, customer satisfaction.

Car battery Handling-Faulty or missing battery policy

So, this really tags onto the last part of this article. Of course, we still get damaged items on delivery. Including batteries that never reach there destination. Although this is not a massive problem, there are still extra costs. Customers are generally not very happy when their battery arrives broken or leaking. Of course, this is another thing that has to be rectified as quickly as possible.

So, we apply the same principals as with a heavy or expensive battery. Where possible, we exchange the broken car battery as soon as possible using our own transport. So, this also applies to a missing battery. In a moment, I will be collecting a new XV30MF Numax leisure battery to a guy in North Shields. As a result of the guy ordering two but only receiving one?

This was a couriers mistake but we will be rectifying the problem using our own transport !

Health and Safety-Car battery Handling

We all know about the massive increase in  “health and safety”. Probably most of this came out of the European Union. However we have to take all precautions to protect our staff . So, I feel that I should point out a few safety points when handling lead acid batteries.

Of course, we wear full protective gowns with gloves and goggles. Whenever we are testing and charging batteries, At the same time, we train all our staff in safety procedures, including first aid. Because we handle many thousands of Car battery Handling Car battery Handlingtteries a year.

Car battery Handling-When the battery arrives at your home

Customers that buy their battery online will receive their new battery in a well packed box packed. So,with some kind of protective filling we at batteriesontheweb use polystyrene and cardboard for this purpose . Of course, after a few years of experimenting we find that this is the best medium to use.

On arrival, make sure that you unpack the battery in an open place!

either outside or on a concrete floor if possible. Please dont open the box up on your new carpet. I am sure that we all know that battery acid is very corrosive and must bu treated with care. So as you unpack the battery you will notice that the battery is protected by a heavy duty transparent polythene bag.

This is to see if there has been any spillage or damage by the couriers. Of course if there is any sign of wetness then dont go any further ! report this back to us and we will arrange for a refund or a replacement battery. On the other hand, if the package and polythene bag looks dry then you can safely begin to unpack your battery.

Other considerations and cautions-Car battery Handling

Naturally I think that we all know not to smoke or have any naked flames anything where the Exide battery is being unpacked. Because lead acid batteries give off a gas that is explosive and dangerous. Just to reiterate, when your car battery is being unpacked. Then I would recommend that the unpacking is done outside or in your garage.

If you live in a flat and must unpack in the house. Car battery Handling

Please put something down (old newspapers should be fine) .Lifting the battery onto the paper to protect your furnishings from any dried acid on the new battery. Lead acid will destroy clothing and furnishings and could burn the skin.

Wear latex gloves if possible. Certainly wash your hands thoroughly after handling. Common sense must prevail, just remember that the batteries need handling with care. Please do not be alarmed by this advise as it is just common sense with your safety in mind.

As a result of our customers using their common sense then 98% of battery handling are carried out safely, with many happy customers. Of course, we are constantly trying to improve our customer services.

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