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Changed Battery-Pensioner ran over by own car

Changed Battery

Changed Battery

So, this should be a warning to motorists to keep well out of the way when anyone is fixing your car! I can remember all sorts of such incidents on my long journey as a garage owner and when I was a young mechanic.

Of course, none of the customers were harmed but they surely could have been! Nothing particularly due to the battery being changed but for other similar things. For instance, change the customer’s wheel when attending to a puncture repair. This can be very harrowing.

Car jacks are an accident waiting to happen. Especially when the cars puncture is on any kind of slope or soft ground.

Changed Battery

Battery problem in France

Battery problems can be due to a few things. However, different things can happen when a changed battery is a problem. My own experience takes me to a service centre in the deepest part of France. I had stopped for refuelling and had trouble refitting the petrol cap.

This triggered a mechanism that told the vehicles computer that someone may be stealing the fuel and so shut the engine down. Not knowing anything about this, I summoned a nearby French breakdown guy for help. My van was a Peugeot, so was as French as could be.

The guy tested my battery and thought it could do with replacing. So after a changed battery and some settings re-checked, we were back on the road again and no worse off than a hundred euros. The cost of my new battery. Vehicle electronics are funny things, and indeed, one thing often leads to another, as in this case.

Chock the wheels

Importantly, a very wise thing to do is to chock the wheels to stop the vehicle from rolling away. In my opinion, that’s what this AA guy should have done. Its the only sure way to make sure that the car does not roll away and cause an accident.

Whatever the repair to anything on the vehicle, then place a chock behind one of the the wheels. Consequently, when I was an earthmover tyre fitter, this was the first thing to do: “chock the wheels” to prevent the vehicle from rolling away.

These giant machines weighed tonnes and cost a fortune.

So we had to do the job correctly or the consequences could have been disastrous. The customers cars are just as important. Care must be taken, even when it is just the car battery that you are changing.

I would not wish this AA man any malice. However, he should get a good tip from his boss.

The AA has launched an investigation after a vehicle that one of its employees was repairing rolled away and knocked down its owner. Robert Crichton called for assistance when his battery died before moving his car

Source: Pensioner ran over by own car as AA worker changed battery

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