Charge Your batteries-The Top 5 Safest Destinations To Visit In Europe 2020

Charge Your batteries

Charge Your batteries

The travel bug inside everyone has been dormant for quite a while now because of coronavirus. Time to get going again and to charge your batteries. The world has come to a halt: travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors, among many to have been struck as the virus spread.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been continuously communicating about the DOs and DONTs not catching the virus. Various travel guidelines have been listed to cope with the illness.

In Europe alone, COVID-19 has worst-hit various places like Italy, France, and Paris. The situation has been continuously changing in Europe.

After months of panic and chaos in the continent, different European countries are now opening their borders for travel souls. You can finally travel to Europe after months of confinement. However, keep in mind to practice all the safety measures while you’re at it.

Here is a list of top five destinations that you must visit in Europe – places that have been least affected by the virus compared to others in the continent.

All the sites recommended below are implementing all the required protocols and adhering to the prescribed rules to treat safety and sanitization as of paramount importance. Therefore, the following five places are the safest to travel to Europe in 2020, given the availability of masks and proximity to hospitals.

1. Madeira Islands, Portugal

Madeira Islands is one place in Europe’s Portugal where no deaths have been reported due to Coronavirus a truly great place to charge your batteries. One of the most loved destinations by travelers in Europe is Madeira.

It is also one of the sunniest destinations to travel to in winter. Therefore, you can keep your 2020 winters sorted and reserved with a visit to the Madeira Islands. After all, what is better than a trip to an island while you bask in the winter sun.

Along with having a few of the best bird-watching destinations, this island is also home to one of the best hike spots and cruise destinations in Europe. Your trip to Madeira Island will undoubtedly be a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

2. Cluj-Napoca, Romania

One of the most attractive cities in Romania, Cluj-Napoca, is a must-visit destination. It is also one of the safest destinations that you can travel to in times of COVID-19 since various precautionary measures are in place to reduce the impact of the virus.

Romania was one of the first places in the world, as well as in Europe, of course, to purchase  medical equipment to treat COVID-19 patients.

Romania recorded 15 times fewer cases as compared to the other coronavirus-hit countries. Cluj-Napoca has mainly been extra cautious. Disinfection of public transport occurs in Cluj-Napoca every four hours in a single day, and the city is open only for certain specific hours in a day and not throughout the day.

Coming back to how picturesque the city of Cluj-Napoca, it also has an absolute divine and unparalleled charm. The locals are amiable, and they will make sure you have a comfortable and happy stay.

3. Cavtat, Croatia

Cavtat is one of the most popular places to travel to in the European continent. In particular, celebrities love this place because it is a perfect blend of everything, such as culture, sports, nature, and earthy rustic destinations.

Cavtat is also one of the least affected by the Coronavirus, and the place has witnessed 20 times fewer cases than in the rest of Europe.

Cavtat is in Croatia, which also has a large number of hospital beds per citizen and inhabitants. If you are still not feeling convinced enough to visit and have a vacation in Cavtat, you must know that you can book a private villa in Cavtat to ensure your safety against viruses and proper sanitization.

The fact is that you do not need luxury hotels to witness Cavtat’s beauty. All you need to do is pack your bag, install a roof rack box on
your car, and go road-tripping.

4. Warsaw, Poland 

Poland is one of the countries in Western Europe, which hasn’t been affected by  COVID-19. This is the primary reason why Warsaw becomes a place worth visiting in Poland. Warsaw people often say that they have survived two world wars and will also survive Coronavirus, which, to no small extent, they have.

One of the prettiest Polish cities, Warsaw offers a variety of picturesque views to its visitors. Trendy cafes, traditional shops, open-air concerts as well as roof-top bars add a cherry to the already-existing natural beauty of Warsaw. You can give your Instagram feed some therapy by traveling to Warsaw as soon as possible.

5. Preveza, Greece
Charge Your batteries
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Preveza in Greece has one of the most widely-spread beaches and a long coastline. The winter sun at Preveza, its delectable Mediterranean cuisine. Including, the yacht-filled marine oceanic views make Preveza.

Naturally, the favourite for everyone who’s craving for a vacation. From couples to families to small kids. There is absolutely nobody who can remain untouched by Preveza’s charm. It is also called the ‘Island on the Mainland’. Because it is situated right at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf. Which is not too far away from central Greece.

This makes the natural beauty of Preveza even more enchanting and captivating. As far as the safety of Preveza is concerned, it is worth noting that the city is taking all the primary sanitization-related measures. Which not only ensure safety to the locals but also the visitors. The hospitality sector is also being extra cautious. Air conditioning filters get changed between each stay. Essentially, the connectivity to hospitals is easy.


Other than being excessively pretty places to travel to, these are places to visit and charge your batteries. So, there are various other reasons why you should pick up the above five and charge your batteries! For your next trip to Europe. Whether it is adherence to social distancing norms. Of course, or the number of beds available per patient being quite high (due to the low density of population), these places are indeed safest. They will, at the same time, also satiate your desire to travel.

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