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Charging your AGM Battery | Food advice from Support @ OPTIMA® Batteries

Charging your AGM Battery

Charging your AGM Battery
Charging your AGM Battery

Charging your AGM Battery

Let’s first define an AGM battery and discuss why they are becoming more common in modern vehicles. The AGM battery, which stands for absorbent glass mat, is a modified version of the common lead-acid battery. Its structure has undergone many modifications to enable it to perform better in a number of areas.

The use of thinner lead plates, which can fit more plates into the same amount of battery space and provide more power, is one of these construction modifications. Because each lead plate is covered in an absorbent fibreglass mat, which gives it structure, prevents the plates from contacting, and produces a medium in which the battery’s electrolyte is suspended, the thinner lead plates can be used.

These batteries are named after this mat.

Finally, unlike a conventional flooded acid battery with fill caps, these batteries are entirely sealed because they do not contain liquid electrolyte or are not “flooded.”

Of course, all lead-acid batteries can experience sulfasion. Naturally, the formation of lead sulphate crystals upon a battery being discharged So, good advice is to look for a charger with a desulfation mode. This helps to condition your battery and keep it performing at its best.

The lead-acid theory, which was first articulated in 1869, serves as the foundation for both gel and AGM technologies. Lead-acid technology has essentially not changed throughout the years; the electrolyte is acidic, and the plates are constructed of lead.

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Lead-acid batteries

transformed the idea of energy storage when they were originally introduced. These were the first batteries that could be recharged. Despite the high cost of lead, lead-acid batteries‘ basic construction allowed for their mass manufacture. As a result, the costs were kept low enough to be practical for numerous applications.

In my opinion, charging your AGM battery at a slow rate with a low ampere charge is best! Buying a low-amp charger (say, one up to 12 amps) is generally the best choice. Of course, for the charging of any lead-acid battery, not including the AGM batteries.

Undoubtedly, it is quicker to charge your battery at a higher amperage. Subsequently, this will cause the battery to generate a lot of heat. The heat generated, of course, will reduce the life of your battery. This is exactly the same as your battery overheating in the heat of summer.

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Batteries eventually do die.

So, if you are a serious battery guy, then the goal is to consistently maintain your battery. Hence, to get the most life out of your Optima AGM battery,

So, many vehicle owners rely on the alternator to charge the battery. However, an alternator is meant to maintain your vehicle’s battery. It will not be charged.

Another thing to remember is that AGM and gel batteries are not the same technology. Importantly, they require different types of chargers. Most modern chargers are well capable of charging most AGM batteries. In fact, most modern digital battery chargers are suitable for charging AGM batteries at the correct speed. This includes some chargers that have a special setting for this type of battery !

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