Charging Your car Battery

Charging Your car Battery-How to charge a car battery

Charging Your car Battery

Charging Your car Battery

Of course, Charging Your car Battery is not the hardest thing in the world to do. Because we are not all the same, I try to include the way to do it. Hence, as many times as I can.

We are always having our customers call us for advice. Thus, this call the other week was no exception.

Okay, folks, how is everyone doing today?

Today, we’re going to have a chat about something that may appear to be extremely elementary, but it’s actually very important: charging your car battery in the correct manner. Now, I know what you’re thinking because you just told me:

“What’s the big deal? I just have to turn the key, and I’m good to go, right?” However, it is not as simple as you might think, and if you get it wrong, you could find yourself stranded on a wet Wednesday morning, which is something that no one wants to happen!

Why is it so important to make sure that your battery is being charged properly?

To begin, you have to have an awareness that the battery in your car is comparable to the beating heart of your vehicle. It gives power to everything in your vehicle, from the lights and radio to the most important component—starting the engine.

It is as simple as saying that if your car’s battery is in poor condition, the rest of the vehicle will have difficulty functioning properly.

The Dangers of Using a Battery That Is Not Properly Charged

If you do not charge your battery in the correct manner, you are inviting all kinds of trouble upon yourself.

We’re talking about a shorter battery life, reduced performance from the engine, and an increased likelihood that the vehicle won’t even turn over when you try to start it.

It would be the equivalent of pouring squash into your pint glass instead of a proper brew; things just aren’t going to turn out the way you want them to.

The Appropriate Way To Charge Your Vehicle’s Battery

Now we’ll get down to the meat of the matter. To succeed in this endeavour, a high level of intellectual prowess is not required. The majority of modern chargers automatically complete the task for you using a variety of charging modes and integrated safety features.

Just make sure that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. And, hey, if you happen to be in the vicinity of Halifax, feel free to drop by our garage at any time for a chat with one of our helpful employees or to get your battery checked out.

A Concise Reference To The Past: The Electric Dynamo

A tidbit of information of local interest for you: did you know that Michael Faraday, a fellow Brit, invented the electric dynamo in the 1830s? The electric dynamo was a precursor to the modern battery. You now have one more thing to point to as a justification for your pride in our Great British heritage.

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Keep in mind that maintaining a fully charged car battery is not something that can be ignored. It is essential to long-term performance and, let’s face it, living a life with fewer hassles in general.

And with that, I’ll leave you, folks. If you take care of your car battery, it will take care of you in return. Take care of yourself and stay safe on the road until we meet again!

An elderly lady called us up for some advice about starting a car.

Naturally, we listened carefully to the problem. As expected, the story was not so straightforward. The lady’s husband had recently passed away.

After things were cleared up, she realised that her husband had left the car in the garage. Hence, the car was a VW Polo, a 1984 model. Although the car was in great condition (the guy had owned it since new), So the car would not start, making a whining noise when the battery attempted to start the car.

The lady was getting on in years; in fact, she was 86 years old. The deceased husband had left all the garage tools where they were, neat and tidy. Of course, he still had a battery charger. Because he was quite handy and did many simple jobs on his car.

The old lady had asked a neighbour for help, and it was this guy who was awaiting instructions on the phone. I explained to him that he was best off removing the battery and bench-charging it.

Charging Your car Battery

This way he could make sure that the battery was clean and in good condition before charging it. The guy followed our instructions and removed the battery. Thus, he proceeded to clean the battery and the battery terminals .

He then followed our instructions and checked that the battery charger setting was at 12 volts. The charger was described to me as an old-fashioned type with a swing needle to show the amps. As a result, he connected the battery to the charger.

Making sure that terminals were connected to the correct posts. The larger post is the positive one, and the thinner post is the negative one. The needle was high on the scale, giving the battery more charge.

We explained to him that the needle would eventually drop and settle down. Consequently, this is what happened, and Charging Your car Battery the next day. The car started the first time, and as far as I know, it has been fine since.