coach and bus batteries

Coach and Bus Batteries by Exide

Coach and Bus Batteries by Exide

Coach and Bus Batteries by Exide

Coach and Bus Batteries by Exide

To be truthful, the transport sector of our battery industry are very large businesses and there do not deal direct with the small businesses. So this excludes my own particular online battery business.

However I do stand a chance of selling to the smaller independent coach companies dotted around the United Kingdom in their thousands. Some coach manufacturers are now experimenting using electric powertrains to drive them. Similar, but much larger that the car EV (electric vehicle) batteries that we see today.

Many of our coaches still use the good old “lead acid batteries “that are also used for trucks and farm machinery. The more modern coaches are now using AGM truck batteries. These Coach and Bus Batteries by Exide are more powerful and help control the onboard electricals that make up a modern coach. Much like the newer models of trucks coming onto the transport market.

Coach and Bus Batteries by Exide
Coach and Bus Batteries by Exide

Lead acid will be here for a long time yet!

In my opinion these lead acid batteries will be with us for a long time yet. Although they are very heavy, this is the main downside of all Coach and Bus Batteries by Exide, the weight!

However they are proven to be reliable with over a hundred years of technology and improvements. Importantly, the lead acid battery is 95% recyclable. In this world of wastage and environmental concern then this is a great plus.

Modern coach batteries include the Exide AGM Power Pro range of batteries. These come in all the common truck battery sizes, which will fit many coaches. 

As I have said, In addition to their affordability, lead acid batteries also offer a high level of reliability and safety. Especially the new style AGM batteries! These batteries are sealed with no addition of electrolyte needed, No topping up!

They are also deep cycle batteries. Thus helping to keep the computers and onboard electrics in constant use.  They are also highly durable and can withstand heavy use and harsh environmental conditions, making them well-suited for the demands of public transportation.

To repeat myself Lead acid batteries can be recycled to a very high degree. With up to 95% of the battery being reused or repurposed.

Holiday coaches travel huge distances

One area where lead acid batteries are particularly well-suited is in powering coaches that travel long distance, offering a huge quality of luxury to the passengers.

These buses require large, heavy Coach and Bus Batteries by Exide, that can provide enough power to cover long distances.  Lead acid batteries are ideal for this application due to their high energy density and ability to deliver consistent power over extended periods of time.

It is very common for coaches to travel the whole length and breadth of the USA and Europe. Should the coach operator have a battery problem on route, then it would not be difficult to have another one fitted.

Companies such as Exide batteries have a network of battery dealers across most countries of the world. Making an easy replacement should it be required by the bus company?

In conclusion

So, as the owner of an online battery business then I still think that Coach and Bus Batteries by Exide, are a promising technology. Especially for powering coaches, buses, trains, and ferries. Respectfully, as they offer a combination of affordability, reliability, safety, and recyclability.

However I think that as the transportation sector continues to evolve. There will be a shift towards sustainable solutions. New technology, lead acid batteries, such as the AGM batteries are still likely to play an increasingly important role in powering the vehicles that keep our towns and cities moving.

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