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Coal Still Charging Chinese Electric Cars

Coal Still Charging Chinese Electric Cars

Coal Still Charging Chinese Electric Cars
Coal Still Charging Chinese Electric Cars

Coal Still Charging Chinese Electric Cars

I will never forget a TV programme that I watched a few years ago. Of course, it was about the Chinese coal industry. Like many things in China, the size of the operations was staggering. Large coal stacks stretched for miles after miles. The figures were mind blowing? But is that China for you?

Most of the Chinese coal mines are located inland. Of course, most of the goods-producing factories are along the coast. This is indeed where many of my batteries are produced. China also imports coal, so shipping coal from Australia, North America, or even South America is easier. In the first half of 2010, China’s coal imports rose by 78%, escalating prices globally.

Indeed, the situation began to change by the middle of 2010

. The Chinese government slowed down the coal imports. As a result of attempts by Beijing to reduce power consumption used by their heavy industries. While attempting to stabilise coal mining. As a result, global coal prices have skyrocketed. Of course, this led to a fall in imports. China began to depend on cheaper domestic production.

By the first quarter of 2011, China’s coal imports began to decline and fell by about 26%. In the meantime, the domestic price of coal moved upward.

Coal Still Charging Chinese Electric Cars
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Coal Still Charging Chinese Electric Cars Coking Coal

China used to export a lot of coking coal until a few years ago, but now it has become the largest importer of coking coal. Today, coking coal imports in China have risen to 40 million tonnes a year, and in a few years, they may get past Japan too. This has led to spiralling prices.

A large part of the world depends on coal. Coal Still Charging Chinese Electric Cars

China has been emerging as the world’s leading builder of more efficient. Of course, less polluting coal power plants. Thus driving down the cost in the past few years. Indeed, at one stage, China was building two power plants every week.

This all links nicely to the electrification of battery driven cars. The problem is and always will be. The fact that these electric vehicles are, in reality, powered by dirty fuel. China has vast stocks of coal in reserve. Consequently, some of this coal is also exported to poorer countries that rely on coal for their energy.

This attached article covers this problem in detail. So is well worth a look at.

“China’s Green Revolution: Coal Still Charging Chinese Electric Cars

Shaping the Future of Power” Hello there, folks! Today, we’re taking a journey not just to China but also delving into the heart of our local efforts to promote a cleaner, greener world right here in the UK. As proud residents of Halifax, we’ve got a stake in global sustainability, and it’s time to talk about a big change happening in a land far away – China.

China’s Coal Dilemma

Now, we all know that China has been known for its reliance on coal to power up its bustling cities and industries for decades. But the world is changing, and so is China. In 2022, coal still played a major role in their electricity generation, but here in 2023, we’re witnessing an inspiring transformation.

The Shift to Cleaner Energy

China has set its sights on reducing its carbon emissions and tackling air pollution. They’ve been investing heavily in renewables like wind and solar power, much like we’ve seen wind turbines pop up across the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. In fact, some of these turbines were built using Chinese technology!

Local Connection:

UK’s Clean Energy Drive But what does this have to do with us in Halifax, you ask? Well, it’s all connected, my friends. Right here in the UK, we’ve been making strides in clean energy too. Our nation is home to numerous wind farms, and we’ve seen a surge in electric vehicle adoption. It’s all part of a global effort to combat climate change.

Why It Matters to Us

So, why should we care about China’s transition away from coal? The answer is simple – it’s a step towards a cleaner, healthier planet. As we strive to sell batteries online, we know that eco-friendly products are the future. China’s move towards cleaner energy sources means less pollution and a smaller carbon footprint, which benefits us all.

A Glimpse into the Future

As we look ahead, we see a world where coal is no longer the king of power generation. Instead, renewables and sustainable technologies are taking the lead. It’s a future we can get behind, as it aligns with our values here in the UK and Halifax.


In conclusion, China’s shift away from coal for electricity is a sign of positive change on the global stage. It’s a journey towards cleaner air, a healthier environment, and a brighter future for us all. So, as we promote our battery-selling websites, let’s keep an eye on these global developments and continue supporting clean, green energy right here in our local community.

That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the world of batteries and sustainability. Cheers to a brighter, cleaner future!

China’s Electric Vehicles Run on Coal! Yes, But … – Bloomberg Gadfly

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