Confiscated His Scooter Batteries

Confiscated His Scooter Batteries

Confiscated His Scooter Batteries

Incredibly, this is yet another horrific airport story! Thus, concerning a badly treated disabled man. So, trying to take a flight to Calgary, Canada. Stearn Hodge is  a 68-year-old retired professional from Kelowna, British Columbia. Thus, he is requesting to have his situation heard by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Claiming Calgary International Airport TSA as well as a representative from United Airlines. Unfortunately, he took away the lithium-ion batteries that were used to power his mobility scooter. Importantly, at the start of  a 2017 trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma,.

Hodge and his spouse were flying to Tulsa. So, to commemorate their 43rd wedding celebration anniversary,. Mobility scooters do not go anywhere without batteries! So, there arrival in the USA became very frustrating, to say the least. He arrives at the hotel minus his scooter batteries and a useless mobility scooter.

Stearn Hodge said,

” Needing to crawl across the flooring in front of my better half is one of the most embarrassing thing that I can think of,” Hodge said. “It uncovers just how real my handicap is … I have not been the same because.”

Hodge lost his left arm as well as appropriate leg in an 1984 work environment accident. He uses a scooter powered by lithium batteries, and also periodically uses a prosthetic leg.

“They’re taking my legs—and not only that, my dignity,” Stearn Hodge said.

Navigating a busy airport and dealing with the challenges of getting on and off an airplane can make air travel a difficult experience for wheelchair users. Unfortunately, many times they must wait a long time before they can disembark due to insufficient staff or equipment to help.

This can be both annoying and uncomfortable for these passengers. They could be required to stay seated for extended amounts of time which could make existing medical conditions worse or be uncomfortable.

Confiscated His Scooter Batteries
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To deal with this,

So, airlines should invest in better training and materials for their staff and collaborate with airport authorities to guarantee that there are enough resources to help disabled passengers during their travels.

The ultimate aim should be to make air travel available and comfortable for all, irrespective of their mobility requirements. By concentrating on the demands of wheelchair passengers, airlines can generate a more inviting and all-encompassing air travel experience for all travellers.

Please read this disturbing article by clicking the link below.

This story was from 2017 and I do believe that airlines have changed the rules regarding flying disabled passengers with Lithium-Ion batteries to power their wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Confiscated His Scooter Batteries, stories may be a thing of the past!

So, it is my feeling that sticking to the tried and tested AGM mobility scooter batteries is far the best idea. Especially when travelling by air!

Can you bring a mobility scooter battery back to life?

Yes, it is sometimes possible to revive a dead mobility scooter battery, particularly if it’s a lead-acid type. However, success is not guaranteed and depends on the condition of the battery. You may be able to recondition the battery by fully discharging and then recharging it, or by using a desulfation method. Please note that this process requires careful handling and should only be done by someone knowledgeable about batteries. If the battery is severely damaged or old, it might not be possible to restore it and replacement may be the best option. Always consider professional advice for handling batteries to ensure safety.

How long should you charge new mobility scooter batteries?

Before their initial use, new mobility scooter batteries normally need to be charged for 8 to 12 hours. However, as charging times might vary depending on the battery type and model, it is always recommended to refer to the detailed instructions provided by the battery’s manufacturer. To extend battery life after the initial charge, regular charging practises should be kept up.

Source: Amputee Forced to Crawl After Airport Security Confiscated His Scooter Batteries Pleads Case to Human Rights Commission

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